“Channel Zero: No-End House” First Teaser & What We Know So Far

syfy channel zero no end house early details

It’s been just a few days since Channel Zero‘s inaugural season ended on Syfy and the network is already gearing up for its next chapter.

During the airing of the series’ Candle Cove episodes, the anthology’s next Creepy Pasta story, No-End House, was already midway through production in Manitoba, Canada, hinting at a possible late-winter to early-spring 2017 premiere.

Speaking with Channel Zero showrunner Nick Antosca, OMFGTV was able to get a few details on the new season based on the story by Brian Russell.

A New Story | “Each season we’re going to showcase a different Creepy Pasta,” Antosca explains. “Each season should feel like the nightmare you have after you read the short story. The best Creepy Pastas are very short, self contained, and they suggest something larger and more terrifying. Every season we want to take that suggestion and explore it more.”

Since a lot of Creepy Pasta stories are submitted anonymously, it was important for the show to seek those whose authors are listed. Not only is proper credit given to the authors, but they are also involved with the process of how their story is adapted for TV. To read Brian Russell’s No-End House Creepy Pasta, click here.

A New Director | No-End House will be “totally different in style” than Candle Cove. Antosca says that the creative team behind the series wants every season to have a “distinct voice.” They achieve this by showcasing a new, exciting director for each season. For season 2, budding director Steven Piet (“Uncle John”) was tapped to direct all six episodes.

“My goal in every season of Channel Zero is to make it cinematic,” Antosca says. “Working on Hannibal really showed me how to bring a cinematic sensibility to horror on TV and I wanted to bring some that to Channel Zero as well. That’s why I was so passionate about bringing directors [like we did] to make it feel like a film. We do really want to make each season feel like its own thing, like each one is a film. We shoot them like films, we write them like films.”

A New Cast | No-End House will feature an all-new cast, which includes Amy Forsyth (“The Path”) and John Carroll Lynch (“American Horror Story”). And while Antosca is open to actors returning for future seasons, he says he’s “not committing to it.”

Because a lot of the actors on the show are from Winnipeg, Manitoba, where the show is filmed, there is a possibility they will show up again and again, but “it’ll be because we love them and there’s another role that fits them. It’s not going to be a thing that we do just to do it.”

Of the Candle Cove cast, Antosca says that Paul Schneider (Mike Painter), Fiona Shaw (Marla Painter) and Marina Stephenson Kerr (Mrs. Booth) were “fantastic” and he would love for them to come back. He also confirms that one Candle Cove castmember does in fact show up in No-End House. Pint-size actress Abigail Pniowsky, who played Mike Painter’s daughter Lily, appears “in season 2 briefly,” he reveals. “She’s amazing; she’s like 8 years old!”

A Few Easter Eggs | Loyalists of the series will be happy to know that there will be things to look out for in each chapter. “We’ll have little easter eggs in each season that connects to other seasons,” Antosca says. So eagle-eyed viewers, keep your eyes peeled; you never know who or what you’ll find! Antosca even tweeted a very special Candle Cove friend that will be hiding somewhere in the new season!

Channel Zero: No-End House, the standalone, six-episode anthology series, inspired by Brian Russell’s Creepypasta, features Margot Sleator, played by Amy Forsyth, a young woman who visits the No-End House, a bizarre house of horrors that consists of a series of increasingly disturbing rooms. When she returns home, Margot realizes that everything has changed.

Channel Zero: No-End House will air sometime in 2017 on Syfy.