“The Magicians” Exclusive: Brittany Curran Talks Pirates, Sexual Tension & Teases ‘Be the Penny’

The Magicians‘ Brittany Curran recently took time out of her well-deserved vacation to speak with OMFGTV about what Fen is up to. Since last we saw, she, Eliot (Hale Appleman), and Fray (Madeleine Arthur) escaped the pirates aboard the Muntjac.

Though we did not see much of Fen during 303, ‘The Losses of Magic,’ Brittany had a great time on set with the pirates. “Pirates are pretty awesome,” Curran tells us. In fact, she loves pirates so much that she tried to get her boyfriend, who looks like he could be a pirate, to work as an extra on the episode.

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But because he is an American citizen (and they film in Vancouver, Canada), it was too many hoops to jump through just for a job as an extra. With pirates on board, Brittany “pretended in my head like I was really on a pirate ship in real life.”

Brittany also “looooooved” watching the scene between Margo (Summer Bishil) and the Pirate King (Danielle Alonso) being filmed, because the “sexual tension between the two was ridiculous.”

And as for next episode, Brittany was tight-lipped about the rest of the characters, but she did reveal a little about what Fen, Eliot, and Fray get up to in ‘Be The Penny.’

“After 303, [Eliot, Fen, and Fray] end up getting stuck in a position that Fen never even knew existed.”

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