“The Magicians” Exclusive: Brittany Curran Talks Fen’s Journey to Earth, Cannibalism & Teases Upcoming Episodes

Concluding our interview series with The Magicians‘ newest series regular Brittany Curran, OMFGTV recently spoke with the actress to discuss Fen’s wild journey to Earth in the Syfy series’ latest episode, ‘Be the Penny.’

When we first see Fen in the episode, she is with Eliot (Hale Appleman) and Fray (Madeleine Arthur) in the Neitherlands, where they encounter a pair of cannibals.

“Up until the Children of Earth came, Fen had never been off of Fillory, never mind knew there were other worlds to begin with, so she didn’t even know the Neitherlands existed,” Curran tells us. “Up until this point she’s lived a very safe life of being told what to do. So all of a sudden to be on an adventure of her own and to be in some serious peril, is quite a departure from what she’s used to.”

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And then they encountered cannibals! “In the scene where Eliot’s eating the human, that was really lamb,” she reveals. “But of course it was cold, and cold food that is supposed to be warm grosses her out. “I also took a bite of the lamb, but I took really safe little bites.” Until her close up, that is. “I took this huge bite, it was disgusting, and then I watched the episode and of course they cut the close up.” Brittany wants viewers to know that Fen and Fray also ate the human, not only Eliot and his tiny little bite.

While in the Neitherlands, Fray discovers just how much her parents have kept from her on this trip, and how much they really don’t trust her. “I think a big part of it for both of them is that they don’t trust her yet,” she says. “I think Eliot 100% doesn’t trust her, I think Fen wants to trust her, but is smart enough to know that it might not be safe. But then I feel like Eliot and Fen do grow attached to her incredibly quickly. Fen obviously feels very maternal towards Fray, and so there’s definitely Fen wanting to protect Fray and thinking she might not be ready for that information. But turns out Fray is a complete badass and can totally handle all of it.”

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By the end of the episode, Fen and her family have made it to Brakebills! This is Fen’s first trip to this world, and she’s definitely got some adjusting to do. “I can say that Fen is going to love Earth,” says Curran. “There’s gonna be certain earthly things that you don’t have in Fillory that Fen is going to become absolutely obsessed with, and it was so much fun. Totally random things, but then when you see it you’re gonna go ‘Oh my gosh, that makes so much sense!’”

Brittany is excited to finally be able to work with several members of the cast she hasn’t had a chance to work with yet.

“Fen has an unlikely pairing with one of the other characters, and they have this incredible bonding experience that we got to explore this season, so I’m so excited for the fans to see that.”

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Though Brittany couldn’t tell us too much about what’s to come for Fen in the rest of the season, she was able to give us an idea of where she’s headed. “Earth. The episodes look very earthy. The next few episodes, Fen definitely dives a little bit deeper into her psychosis, but in a more playful way. But things are going to take a turn. Things are going to get real messed up real quick.”

Not getting enough of Brittany from The Magicians? Don’t worry, you can also catch her in a few films! She was recently in The Man From Earth: Holocene, and also the upcoming horror movie Capture. Brittany can also be found supporting the charity Donate Life, and will be running in their 5K in April with Magicians co-star Jade Tailor!

Be sure to watch Brittany Curran in The Magicians Wednesdays at 9pm on Syfy!

Photo Credit: Annie Shak, Eric Milner/Syfy