“Van Helsing” Exclusive: Showrunner Talks Julius’ Struggle & Previews New Episode ‘Wakey, Wakey’

On the most recent episode of Syfy’s Van Helsing, we found our main group dealing with a group of cannibals. But they weren’t ordinary cannibals, no, they were eating vampires. OMFGTV seized the opportunity to speak with showrunner Neil LaBute about the crazy episode, “Big Momma.”

“We’re a few seasons behind The Walking Dead,” explains LaBute on why they decided to go with vampire cannibals instead of just regular ol’ cannibals, they wanted to put a “new spin” on it.

It was also very important to Neil and his team that Julius (Aleks Paunovic) was the one to put the vampire out of its misery, since that’s who he was for so many years. He sees vampires as people, not the evil things most people see them as.”These are just people who have been changed, these are not monsters.”

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This was Julius’ first real human kill, but according to Neil it won’t weigh on him too heavily. Big Momma attacked him first, and he was so angry about what they were doing to vampires he feels that she got what was coming to her. “What we really want to show is, even as big as he is, it was a struggle. It’s hard to kill a person. So it weighs on him in the moment but it was ultimately self-defense.”

By the end of the episode the main group is still with the cops, but they’re surrounded by the Sisterhood. Neil teases what’s going to happen in 209, ‘Wakey, Wakey.’

“209 is post police station when two groups form out of our main group. Axel and Scarlett are running off in one direction trying to lead Dmitri from getting the key, while leaving the key with Julius and Doc, who’ve become sort of an odd couple. They want to try to get the key to Crooked Falls and to safety.

“So we jump back and forth following those groups and we run into the Sisterhood again and have a big interaction with them. Finally, you see Dmirti and Julius run into each other again.” There’s another small reunion that occurs, but we’ll let you find out about that one for yourselves.

Van Helsing airs Thursday nights at 9pm on Syfy!