“Van Helsing” Andrea Ware Exclusive: Isn’t She Lucky?

Clever, badass, and wittiness, what more could you want in a television character? Syfy’s Van Helsing added a character this season that not only met that criteria, she far exceeded it. Andrea Ware joined season 2 as Lucky, a Resistance fighter “with the Resistance to fight against the vampires.

She’s a natural leader, so she has friends within the Resistance that she fights with, but something happens and she kind of drifts off on her own path. She’s the bold one of the group and doesn’t really answer to anyone. So She’s coming in and she’s doing anything within her power to fight against the vampires and build strength for the human side, the human race.”

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Van Helsing is one crazy show, but Andrea knew exactly what she was getting herself into when joining the cast. “I’d watched season 1, I was familiar with the show, and I was so drawn to the character,” Ware tells OMFGTV. Auditioning, getting the role, and making it her own was a dream come true. “I think that any actor to have the opportunity to play a character who is so tough, so confident, so bold, it’s just fun. And it challenges you as an individual. And to play this character slaying vampires and navigating her way through this post-apocalyptic world, it was just a dream.”

So far fans have only really seen the badass and witty side of Lucky, but Ware teases that they will get to see another side as the season goes forward. “To begin with you’re just seeing this resilient fighter who’s not giving much away, but as the season continues you will definitely see a softer side to her character and learn a little more about her for sure.”

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Recently, Lucky decided to leave her group at Triage to follow Flesh and Mohamad out in the wild, leaving the safety of her large group. Ware attributes Lucky leaving her group to seeing a lot of the same goals in Flesh that she has herself. “She came across Flesh and there was a definite instant intrigue for both of them and a trust was built quite quickly.

“I think she saw in Flesh that he was just as motivated and will do whatever it takes. And I think the moment when she does choose to follow him and leave the Resistance, she saw how bold and courageous he was and she was just like, ‘I’m following him. I’m doing it.’”

Trust isn’t the only thing blooming between Flesh and Lucky, they also have a little romance growing! They shared a kiss a few episodes back, but have since faced a terrible situation: Sam’s kidnapped Mohamad. This has to effect the relationship growing between Lucky and Flesh in some way.

“I mentioned trust,” says Ware, “and a relationship that is beyond a friendship definitely is forming. But she feels as if she’s let him down big time, because she couldn’t protect his friend. So I think there will be struggles with that, but ultimately I hope they continue to remain close because of that.”

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At this point in the story, Lucky has only really interacted with Flesh and Mohamad, will she ever meet Axel, Vanessa, or any of the others? Andrea brings up the visions that Vanessa and all the people she has turned back are having, drawing them to a certain place. So if Flesh goes there it’s logical to assume Lucky would follow, and maybe they will meet up with the others. “I have Flesh’s back all the way right now, so there is a possibility that could happen.”

Van Helsing is a very dark show at times, but according to Ware it’s quite the opposite behind the scenes. “There are jokes flying around, especially with people like Jonathan Scarfe and Missy Peregrym, they’re hilarious! And Aleks and Trezzo, everyone, it’s just banter banter all the time.”

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With just three episodes left of the season, what’s left for Lucky?

“The rest of the season, you will get to know this woman on a deeper level as she faces even more challenging times,” Ware previews. “From the beginning she was this tough fighter, over the season you do see a softer side, you see her become more vulnerable and you se her form closer relationships with others. It’s a lovely thing to see, when you have to be strong and you’re fighting to survive. Real life things happen and you have to find a way to deal with it, so you’ll see how she deals with even tougher times, and some fun times too.”

Van Helsing airs Thursday nights at 9pm on Syfy.

Photo Credit: Dan Power/Nomadic Pictures Corp./Syfy; Jenna Berman