Van Helsing Exclusive: Hilary Jardine Reflects Back On Her Time As Susan & Discusses The ‘Sunessa’ ‘Ship!

“What I hope is that is makes them angry, as angry as it makes Vanessa.”

OMFGTV recently spoke with Syfy Van Helsing actress Hilary Jardine about her time on the show and her character’s feelings for Vanessa (Kelly Overton).

syfy-van-helsing-hilary-jardineJardine’s character has a very dark and complex story; that story came to a head in episode 11 when Susan finally gets the closure she needs before being killed by a trusted ally. But before Susan’s death, fans began to fall in love with the character and all her flaws.

We asked Hilary if she was prepared for the outpouring of love for Susan on social media. “No,” she responded. “I had no idea [she would be so well received]. I loved her character. I could have only hoped that other people would feel the same way. I’m so grateful they wrote her the way they did. So no, I had no idea, but it was a really great surprise.”

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Fans not only related to Susan because of her ability to push forward, but many viewers fell in love with the idea of a relationship between Vanessa and Susan that many fans have named ‘Sunessa’. Again, Jardine was not prepared for the impact her character would make on fans. “I thought that people might be thrilled by it, but this support has been awesome to see!”

Hilary was nervous for fans responses over Susan’s death, but she hopes people are just as angry as Vanessa about it, to really drive the show forward. According to Hilary, Susan’s attraction to Vanessa was most likely due to their years of friendship, Vanessa was the one good thing in her life, constantly.

hilary-jardine-1“The friendship was first and foremost,” said Hilary about how Susan’s feelings towards Vanessa came to be. “It was also survival. We’re gonna die. And when you’re also living in that kind of existence you need something to live for. Your body will naturally find things to hang on to and to live for.”

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Now that Hilary’s time on Van Helsing is over, she has a thank you message for all the show’s fans. “I want to thank everyone for all of their support with the show. It’s been a wild, thrilling ride. I hadn’t expected what its reception would be, and it’s absolutely blown away my expectations and been such a wonderful addition to doing this great project. I just want to express my gratitude for everyone out there.”

For fans who absolutely love Hilary Jardine, worry not, as she teases that she won’t be gone from TV for too long. “I’ll be around,” was all she could say on that topic, so be sure to keep an eye out for her in the future!

Van Helsing airs Fridays at 10pm on Syfy.

Photo Credit: Brendan Meadows/Syfy (top)