“Van Helsing” Exclusive: Rukiya Bernard Talks New Vampires, a Doc Romance & Teases Season Finale!

In our most recent chat with Van Helsing‘s lovely Rukiya Bernard, the actress discussed with OMFGTV what the new type of vampire means for the gang, Doc’s incredible luck, a possible budding romance, and gives us a small tease of what the finale may look like.

One of the biggest moments in the Syfy series’ latest episode, ‘Crooked Falls,’ was the moment it’s revealed that there is a new type of vampire in town, and that can’t spell anything good for our human heroes. Bernard thinks this new kind of vampire may be the scariest thing on television right now.

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“They’re the most dangerous monsters out there, arguably much more dangerous than The Walking Dead. The sun isn’t an issue now.” And with the ability to heal even from a headshot, destroying these creatures is going to be an even bigger challenge!

Several months ago OMFGTV attended San Diego Comic-Con where we spoke with the Van Helsing cast before the season’s premiere, and at this event Rukiya teased a possible romance for Doc. Now with the season almost at its end it seems like the relationship Bernard teased was one between Doc and Jolene — and we were absolutely right!

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“Yeah! I think there’s something there.” Doc’s fatal flaw has always been her indecision, hopefully that doesn’t get in the way here! “In terms of feeling a pure sense of love, with Jolene I feel that because she comes from a different world in the vampire apocalypse and she didn’t know who Doc was. I think Doc really just enjoyed the purity of her really admiring Doc even though Doc couldn’t admire herself.” Please writers, let this relationship continue and flourish!

Along with just feeling comfortable around Jolene, Doc even reveals her true name, Sarah, to her. “Doc has chosen a very generic name to keep a distance from people.” She didn’t want people to know who she really was. Rukiya remembers a conversation with writer Jonathan Walker about revealing her real name to Jol3ne, which raised the question, does Axel even know her name? Have these women reached a level of trust even beyond what her and Axel had?

Doc has got to be one of the luckiest survivors of this vampire apocalypse, she always falls into the right crowd to protect her. Rukiya feels like Doc is probably one of the luckiest characters on the show! “She’s got a horseshoe up her butt!” Teases the actor. “It hasn’t been easy, she doesn’t have much fighting skills. Then after losing Axel she’s on her own, so she’s been very fortunate to bump into the people she’s bumped into.”

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And from these groups of people Doc has been learning new skills and ways to survive in this awful world. “She’s learning. That’s why I really define this season as Doc 2.0. She’s getting some skills, what they’ll end up being, who knows. But she’s been fortunate as hell.”

Rukiya was pretty tight-lipped about the finale, but she did give away just enough to get us excited! “The finale is like a three hander. We’re starting to tease at Dracula now, which I’m suuuuuper excited for.” The show is about a Van Helsing, so it wouldn’t feel right without getting any Dracula! Rukiya says season 3 is worth getting just to explore the Dracula storyline.

Be sure to tune into Syfy Thursday night at 9pm to catch the Van Helsing season 2 finale!