“Wynonna Earp” Exclusive: Showrunner Talks the Baby, Bravery, Bromance, Betrayal & Much More from S2 Finale!

Emily Andras, Showrunner and Executive Producer of Syfy’s Wynonna Earp, certainly did not hold back in tonight’s seasons finale, titled, “I Hope You Dance”! We laughed, cried, and screamed our hearts out watching Wynonna and the gang take out The Widows and struggle to give up the baby in order for it to have a safe future.

OMFGTV jumped on the phone with Andras to discuss what went down in this episode, how she goes into writing a finale of this caliber, and where we go from here!

Emily has left viewers with several questions by the end of the finale, but she also answered several that had been around for a while. Andras was fairly certain, going into writing the finale, what questions she was going to answer and what she was going to leave open for Season 3. “But I’m always determined to give you some satisfaction,” she tells us. “I want you to feel like you got some answers, that some things were complete.”

Emily is very proud of this season as a whole, “I feel like so much of the stuff we set up at the beginning of the year was paid off by the end of the year.” She lists the plate that gets melted into the bullet and the rings as seals as things that get set up earlier and explained later.

Another element Emily likes to include in a finale like this one is a hero moment for all of her “heroic” characters. “They each get at least one moment where they shine, where they save the day, where they do something brave. I think that’s the kind of thing that will make you want to watch the finale again and again and again.” Also, if you “just unleash full Scrofano, it’s gonna be incredible.” If someone doesn’t make an Unleash the Scrofano shirt I’m going to be disappointed.

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Emily also knew that she definitely wanted to leave Waverly’s parentage unknown, but to at least show that she’s not a revenant or an Earp. And of course, Mama Earp was also a must-have for Emily, at least in some capacity! And who is Emily’s dream casting of Mama Earp? “My number one is Lucy Lawless. I want Xena to be Wynonna’s mom.” You heard it, Earpers! Now it’s out in the universe, try to make it happen!

In season ender, we lose two Widows, but we gain the Demon Clootie, AKA Bulshar. Emily confirmed that Bulshar will definitely be a presence in the next season and a potential Big Bad. “He’s out there somewhere, he’s missing an arm, he wasn’t in great shape. But he’s the demon who cursed the Earp’s in the first place, this is a real Big Bad.” The Earp’s no longer have the magic bullet [actual bullet, not the cooking thing] to put him down with, so killing him will be a challenge. “So I would say that he is one of the villains we’re dealing with next year. But as always, there may be a plethora.”

At the end of the episode, we see Wynonna go off on her motorcycle, her one true love, to find her mother. Her mother is the one doing the voiceover in the closing montage, talking about Bulshar, and it seems she knew who he was and even warned Wynonna of him during her childhood. “Mama Earp obviously knows something about him [Bulshar] and had been coaching Wynonna about it when she was growing up.” But you’ll have to watch next season to see the connection between them!

Wynonna also seemed to know exactly where to find her mother, making you question how she really left. “We’ve had this narrative for so many years that Mama Earp left, and there’s been a lot of judgement.” But look at what Wynonna has just gone through in this finale, having to give up her own child. “At the same time, we literally just got through an episode where Wynonna herself had to give up her daughter in order to giver her a better life, which is a huge selfless act for her. ” Now that we know Wynonna knew where their mother was all along, why did she keep it from Waverly? You’ll have to wait for Season 3 to find out!

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one shocked and hurt by Rosita’s betrayal. All I could think was the Tyra Banks “We were all rooting for you” gif works perfectly in this situation. Emily was genuinely shocked the audience loved Rosita so much, and attests it to Tamara Duarte’s incredible portrayal of the character. Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but I still feel bad for Rosita and found myself rooting for her even though I knew she was betraying Wynonna. “It’s completely empathetic! The way she played it, she’s so hesitant! I really believe her when she says, ‘For the record, I really like you a lot,’ to Waverly.”

It’s important to remember that none of the characters on this show one-dimensional. These people are “complicated shades of gray. People are neither heroes or villains deep down.”

Rosita’s turning point was in episode 210, “when Wynonna is trying to save Nicole Haught, when she tells Rosita ‘I will shoot you last’, that was the turning point.” Wynonna didn’t say she would try to break the curse so she wouldn’t have to shoot her, just that she’ll shoot her last. “I think Rosita has a lot of parallels with Wynonna. I think she’s a survivor through and through.” Luckily Rosita survived the finale so we may see her again, but Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc will be after her.

WayHaught didn’t get a huge scene with them explaining everything and apologizing because that’s not Emily’s style, but they do seem to end the season on good terms with their relationship. “Do they need to talk about some things that happened and things in their relationship? Yes, absolutely.” But WayHaught has proven they are meant to be. “We have seen that these two are destined to be together, and they have come through all this strife stronger.”

The bromance between Doc and Dolls this season has really blossomed, the two men truly do seem to care for one another. “I think Doc and Dolls so truly respect and admire each other, and I think they’re starting to understand one another.” But don’t forget both men have strong feelings for Wynonna, and Andras teases that we will see how that unfolds in season 3!

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We were very pleased when we realized Gus would be the one raising Wynonna’s child, and that Perry would be the one delivering the baby to ensure no one in Purgatory knew her whereabouts. “The less people who know where the baby actually is the better.”

I’m not sure how many of you noticed, but Wynonna Earp dropped its first F-bomb this episode, and we couldn’t be happier! “I just really wanted an emphasis on that scene about how the stakes have been raised. And sometimes nothing but an F-bomb will do!”

There are several things to speculate and theorize about during the hiatus, and that is exactly how Emily wants it. “I want to give you guys a delicious puzzle that you can work on so you’re not bored during the hiatus.”

Finally, Emily has a message to all the Earpers, she credits the shows success to you.

“I really just want to shout out to the Earpers, how incredibly supportive and fun they’ve been the second season. They’ve just taken the show to the next level. It really is thanks to you guys that this underdog Canadian demon-hacking cowgirl show got renewed. It’s on the map. So thank you so much for coming on this ride with us. We truly all love it, we just have a gas and I love this community. I’m so proud of you guys for everything you stand for, the way you treat each other, and the way you respect the actors, and just how you have come on the bus with us this ride. And I can’t wait to do it again in season 3. Thank you so much everybody!”

You can catch up with Wynonna Earp season 1 on Netflix and season 2 on the Syfy website! Season 3 will return in 2018.