“Wynonna Earp” Finale Recap: All Aboard the Feels Train!

The first thing on many peoples minds after watching the Wynonna Earp finale is, “Emily Andras, who hurt you?” The showrunner was the one responsible for writing the train of emotions that occurred in the final episode of the season. Not only did Andras provide the audience with her typical adult humor, but she also gave Wynonna, Waverly, and the rest of the gang their own shining moment this episode and several emotional ones. “I Hope You Dance” was directed by Paolo Barzman.

Shit Strumpets | The episode picks up with Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) confronting Bobo (Michael Eklund) and The Widows. She quickly finds out regular weapons won’t work on them now that the third seal has been broken when Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) shows up to help her baby sister. Bobo is able to move metal with his mind, and throws a chunk of it at the sisters so he and The Widows can get away.

Here is where Emily gives us our first of several Earp Sister’s moments. Wynonna and Waverly are just lying in the clearing together after Bobo et al get away, Waverly knows this is her fault but hopes that blowing herself, Nicole (Katherine Barrell), and Jeremy (Varun Saranga) (AKA the unkillable gay squad) up begins to make up for it. Wynonna also has some confessing to do, the reason Bobo is even alive is because she died for a hot second after her vision quest. Waverly tells Wynonna that she’s their only hope.

Dolls (Shamier Anderson) wakes up in a body bag after being killed by Doc (Tim Rozon) in the alternate reality. But being Dolls, he wastes no time in grabbing what he needs–the plate–and heading to the Homestead to meet up with the majority of the group.

After a quick debrief, they head inside where Wynonna shows them why she thinks the plate might be the key to defeating the Demon Clootie; when it gets close to Peacemaker they both glow and it reveals several symbols similar to those on Peacemaker. They are definitely weapon soulmates.

Wynonna assigns everyone a task before setting out on her own. Jeremy’s job is to find out where Clootie’s tomb is, Dolls needs to find Doc and make sure he doesn’t die, Nicole is doing something secret for Wynonna, and Waverly is not allowed to leave her big sister’s side until this baby arrives.

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Mercedes Gets a Makeover | Bobo leads The Widows to their demon husband’s tomb, and Widow Beth (Meghan Heffern) is super excited to be reunited with her powerful demon husband, but Widow Mercedes (Dani Kind) seems less than thrilled. As soon as they uncover him, he asks for a snack, and not just any snack. The Demon Clootie wants Wynonna’s baby as a snack, and Widow Beth is happy to oblige. Widow Mercedes on the other hand, not so ready to give up her freedoms as a free woman. She decides to cut off her husband’s hand, securing his ring, and gets out of the mine before it blows up.

And when Mercedes leaves with the ring, she really is a whole new woman. She’s shed the rotting body she was in for a HOT Khaleesi/Elf sort of body, and we are not complaining about it!

The Earp Sister’s pay the Iron Witch a visit, they need her help and after what she pulled with the wish, she owes them. They ask her about the plate, but all Greta (Rachael Ancheril) knows is that Edwin Earp thought it was a shield. But they don’t need a shield, they need something to attack with.

Well Well Well, Nice to Have Doc Back | Dolls finally finds Doc, standing on the edge of the well that trapped him, looking bewildered and slightly deranged. Doc knows he’s mortal and aging again, he says he can feel it in his lungs. But he quickly snaps out of this state when Dolls mentions Bobo is back and Wynonna needs him.

Back at Greta’s, Waverly chooses this time to tell her sister that her girlfriend is actually married to a “”gorgeous lady doctor,” but Wynonna has seen the way Nicole is with Waverly and knows she loves her. Waverly also decides this is the best moment to tell her sister that she’s not actually her sister at all. But once again, Wynonna is unfazed by this news and just responds with “Like hell you’re not.” Waverly is an Earp, if not through blood then through sisterhood.

Greta returns and tells them they were right that the plate can be used as a weapon instead of just a shield, but she was only able to turn it into one bullet. There are three things she needs dead, and only one bullet to do it with. Now I’m not very good at math, but even I’m seeing a problem here. But Wynonna seems unfazed by this, she just needs it for Demon Clootie.

New Besties? | At BBD, Nicole and Jeremy finally have a fun scene together! Nicole is curious why Jeremy stayed when BBD left, and his answer is simple. He never fit in, but here no one asked him to, they just accepted him for all his goofiness. Just as Nicole is telling him he is part of their crazy family now, Mercedes–what do we call her now that she’s no longer being defined by a man?– shows up to ruin the party. She still has that icy breath and paralyzes Jeremy and Nicole, and is Nicole really being taken again?!?!?

Wynonna and Waverly are frantically driving back to the Homestead so Wynonna can have this baby, when they are stopped by Mercedes standing in the middle of the road surrounded by paralyzed bodies, including Nicole and Jeremy. Wynonna and Waverly don’t seem too impressed by Mercedes, but suddenly Beth–no longer a widow since Clootie is alive–surprises them and grabs Waverly from behind. Mercedes tries to persuade Wynonna to kill Beth so they can take down Bulshar–Clootie’s real name–together.

Doc Holliday, one of the fastest gunslingers to ever live, chooses this moment to show up and show off his shooting skills. He decides he needs to kill Wynonna so no one can use her as a weapon. She wants her to shoot him too, because he says he just saw Wyatt when he died and he’s proud of her. Though Waverly–and the audience–are freaking out at this moment, Wynonna and Doc seem eerily calm. They draw their guns, aim at each other, and fire. Doc’s bullet splits Wynonna’s magical bullet, causing it to hit both Mercedes and Beth and his own bullet to miss Wynonna. Now both Widows are dead, but Wynonna is also down a magical bullet to kill the demon who started the Earp curse.

The Baby is Coming | Wynonna isn’t going to make it to the Homestead to have this baby, so Shorty’s will have to do. While Rosita is downstairs making something for the pain, Waverly tells Wynonna she knows she’s giving up the baby. She isn’t upset about that, but she wants to know why she didn’t tell her. Other than not wanting to hurt her sister, she also isn’t sure Waverly can even leave the Ghost River Triangle, revealing she knew Waverly might be part revenant.

Speaking of revenants, this is where I absolutely lost my mind and started screaming at my tv, because Rosita comes in and KNOCKS WAVERLY OUT. ROSITA. To quote Tyra Banks, “I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!” Rosita is afraid and can’t trust Wynonna or Doc to keep her safe, this baby could be her only shot at never returning to Hell. She promises the baby will be safe, but she can’t say the same for Wynonna. Wynonna promises to never stop hunting Rosita after this, and you see a loot of fear and hesitation flash across her face. It’s hard, even in this moment, to not empathize with Rosita. All she’s trying to do is stay alive, and just a few days ago Wynonna was essentially torturing her for the benefit of someone else on their team.

Waverly wakes up, and she’s got Peacemaker. She’s got it aimed at Rosita, but since she’s not the Earp Heir it won’t fire. Wynonna begins yelling at both Waverly that she’s her sister, and at Peacemaker to work, when suddenly it glows blue and fires. Waverly only grazes Rosie’s face with the bullet, so the revenant turns and runs out of there.

Elsewhere, Doc and Jeremy find Bobo and his newly bleached hair at the mine, and Bobo informs them he’s promised Waverly to Bulshar as his new wife. No way is Doc going to allow that! After a little help from Jeremy’s plastic gun, Doc is able to impale Bobo on spikes outside the mine.

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Now here is the scene that broke my soul while watching. Wynonna has had her baby and it’s time for Waverly to take it to Nicole, but Wynonna isn’t ready to say bye. After she tells the baby it’s the coolest thing she’s ever done, they all begin to cry even more. When Wynonna does hand the baby off to Waverly, she makes sure to tel her that Doc needs to see the baby before it’s gone.

Nicole, Waverly, and the baby drive to the border of the Ghost River Triangle. If Waverly is able to cross the border with the baby then that means she’s not part revenant and that the baby is Doc’s. And guess what, both those things are proved true when they’re both able to cross the line!

Wynonna Kicks Ass | Even though she literally JUST HAD A BABY, Wynonna can still kick some serious ass. When the revenants break into Shorty’s looking for the baby they are met with an angry mama and Peacemaker lead. Dolls shows up as well, but this is really Wynonna’s moment. She takes out every revenant that hoped to take her baby from her.

Jeremy alerts Doc that WayHaught have the baby and he needs to go say bye. First of all, the fact that Jeremy called them WayHaught is amazing, second of all Jeremy didn’t get a call or text, so how did he know? He implies he may have some abilities BBD really recruited him for.

Waverly and Nicole meet Perry (Patrick Kwok-Choon), who flies in in a helicopter, to give him the baby. Luckily Doc makes it there in order to say goodbye to his BABY GIRL, who Perry is taking to GUS to be raised. If anyone besides Wynonna had to raise this baby, I am glad it’s Gus.

Doc has lots of feelings and decides to do something about them. He takes Bobo off his spike and throws him into his well. Leaving Bobo to the same fate he was left to.

Mama?!?!? | Doc finds Wynonna, and she tells him she named their daughter Alice Michelle, after their mothers.

The closing montage shows Waverly and Jeremy laughing, with Dolls beside them giving Nicole a weird look as she goes over her divorce papers and a file on the Cult of Bulshar in her car. The whole time there is a voiceover talking about “him,” which we can only assume is Bulshar. Wynonna has taken off on her motorcycle, and who does she track down? “Mama.”

Holy. Fu**. That is how you write a finale! We may have gotten a few answers, but there are so many more questions now! Season 3 cannot come soon enough!

Wynonna Earp returns to Syfy in 2018!