Van Helsing Recap: “Help Out”

Van Helsing‘s previous episode left our favorite survivors trapped in an underground bunker where Vanessa (Kelly Overton) has just killed John (David Cubitt). Episode 9, titled “Help Out” picks up right where the previous one left off. Now the group must figure out a way out of the bunker, and soon because they face a whole new set of problems. Here is OMFGTV‘s recap of Syfy Van Helsing‘s ninth episode, “Help Out.”

Mohamad Gets the Girl | Mohamad is still surviving on his own, when he stumbles across a girl foraging alone. She introduces herself as Emma (Christie Burke), gives him food, and invites him to forage for mushrooms with her. He accepts the invitation. He can’t fathom living like this, foraging for food, he wants to see where she lives. She kisses him, then runs in front of two vampires. Mohamad hesitates, then follows her to protect her. But for some reason the vampires let them get away.

“We’ve Been Compromised.” | Rebecca (Laura Mennell) goes into the human camp with a woman in chains. It is announced that there are traitors in the camp, but they have been caught because of the woman in chains. Rebecca tells the woman to go, the woman responds by saying her people won’t believe Rebecca’s lie. And she’s right, Taka (Ryan Robbins) doesn’t believe Rebecca’s lie, but he does believe Sheema’s (Naika Toussaint). Sheema has been beaten and bruised, she says she’s been tortured by the vampires. She points out the woman before them has not been harmed, so she must have been the one who betrayed them. Taka believed Sheema and kills the woman. But we know Sheema is the one who really betrayed them to Rebecca.

Cleaning Up | As Vanessa cleans up John’s boy, she begins to question if she did the right thing by killing him. Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) reassures her that she did. As him and Flesh (Vincent Gale) go to put John’s body in the freezer they make a gruesome discovery. The freezer is broken, and inside are several diseased bodies.

Vanessa and Susan (Hilary Jardine) begin to reminisce about their old lives, Susan tells Vanessa about her parents farm not far from there. Susan then tells Vanessa things are always shit unless she’s with Vanessa, then she kisses her (whaaaaaaat?!?).

Doc (Rukiya Bernard) performs an autopsy on one of the bodies from the freezer and throws up while doing it, she blames it on being hungover, but is she really? She wants the bodies placed in quarantine in case they are infected with an air-born virus. Axel tries to make a point to Vanessa that trusting people in this new world is stupid. When she asks why, he admits that he took her file when they were at the base. He tells her that in it was information about her mom giving her up (Vanessa protests, saying she died) and that her real name was blacked out in the documents. She demands to see the file, and when he claims to have left it behind she locks him in quarantine. That is, until they see a feral vampire in there.

Later, Susan and Axel go into quarantine together to kill the feral. Susan asks Axel if there is anything going on between him and Vanessa (is she jealous?), but their conversation is cut short when they stumble upon a room covered in blood. When they move on, they find that the feral’s blood trail has disappeared so they decide to go back.

Doc makes a horrifying discovery when her hair begins to fall out, “It’s radiation.” The whole place is contaminated.

Welcome to the Slaughter House | Vanessa isn’t being affected by the radiation, but the others are. She thinks Axel knows something more about her from her file that he isn’t telling her. Flesh thinks she has evolved, part human and part vampire.

Doc tells Axel the truth about how she got bit and calls herself a coward. He comforts her and tells her it’s okay. Sam and Susan interrupt looking for Gorman (Chris Ippolito), no one has seen him. Suddenly, Sam spots a vent. He’s found their way out of the bunker! Just before leaving, Doc decides to stay behind a few minutes to look for Gorman, “I’ve left too many people behind, I can’t do that again.” Axel decides to stay with Doc, but begins to tell Vanessa something before he leaves. He thinks better of it and says he will tell her later before turning and running after Doc.

Axel tells Doc to hold the quarantine door open and to count to 500, if he isn’t back she needs to close the door and get out. Above ground, Vanessa and the others are immediately greeted by several ferals. Vanessa takes out several on her own, even getting bit but never slowing. Back with Axel, he has discovered the feral’s dead body, looks like Gorman killed it after all. But where is Gorman? As he makes his way back to Doc, Vampire Gorman attacks him. Axel fights and almost makes it out of quarantine when Gorman starts to catch up to him. Instead of waiting a few more seconds for Axel to make it through the door, she mirrors the actions of her past and allows the door to close. Vamp Gorman viciously attacks, and presumably kills, Axel.

Doc makes it out and tells them Axel is dead and forces Vanessa to leave. Later, Vanessa finds her file, Axel didn’t leave it behind like he claimed, and that’s not the only thing he lied to her about. She discovers that he was sent to the hospital to retrieve Vanessa for the military and bring her to The Farm. Suddenly they hear church bells tolling in the distance, and this time Vanessa wants to go to them. “It they’re looking for a fight, I’m gonna give ’em one.”

Umm, what the hell, Doc?!? You just left behind and probably killed the person who kept you alive! And Sheema really did accept Rebecca’s offer to do her bidding. At least the rest of the group got out of the bunker before being killed by the radiation, but is heading towards those church bells really the best idea? Let us know what you think will happen when they get to the bells in the comments below!

Be sure to catch Van Helsing on Syfy Friday’s at 10pm.

  • Axel Miller is probably the most interesting character in this show hands down!