“Van Helsing” Season 2 Premiere Recap: There’s a Lot of Blood

When Van Helsing showrunner Neil LaBute teased that there would be lots of blood this season, he certainly did not lie. The season 2 premiere was action-packed, blood-soaked, and checks in with a few of our favorite characters. ‘Began Again’ was written by Neil LaBute and directed by Michael Nankin.

Survivors Elsewhere | The episode opens up with a flash of survivors elsewhere, on a mountain next to a waterfall. One of them is tying maps of how to get to them to balloons and sending them out, hoping someone will find it and come.

Flesh Meets Lucky | Flesh (Vincent Gale) is in The Citadel looking for Vanessa (Kelly Overton), but instead stumbles upon a woman in The Resistance named Lucky (Andrea Ware) and tags along with her. She’s looking for the boiler room to blow up, and after mistakenly trusting Dr. Sholomenko (Duncan Ollerenshaw) they find it and do just that. They soon meet up with more of The Resistance and follow a trail of Dmitri’s (Paul Johansson) blood to a bookcase that opens up to reveal a secret passageway. Flesh convinces Lucky to follow him down, and she convinces the others to go as well. Turns out that’s a bad idea, because it’s a trap. Anastasia (Gia Crovatin) lures everyone but Flesh and Lucky into some sort of compacting device, and crushes them all.

Julius is Ready to Make His Move | Julius (Aleks Paunovic) gets word that Dmitri has been hurt, and knows this is his time to attack. But instead of taking backup, he decides to go alone. He believes Dmitri is responsible for his mothers death, so he is fueled with his desire for revenge.

Bye Bye Sheema | Mohamad (Trezzo Mahoro) finds his sister Sheema (Naika Toussaint), legs crushed by a piece of crashed in ceiling. She wants her brother to get Dmitri or Rebecca (Laura Mennell) so they can turn her. He refuses, then covers her mouth to muffle her screams. He doesn’t realize he’s also covering her nose and he kills her. Vanessa stumbles upon him and tells him that’s what he deserved after what he did to her.

Dylan’s Different | At first, Dylan (Hannah Cheramy) seemed loyal to Rebecca. Especially after she knocked her mother out. But after Vanessa watches her kill two humans, she’s able to calm her daughter down enough to let her get in a quick hug. But Mohamad knocks something over, scaring Dylan away from them and into the restraints of Dr. Sholomenko, who has been experimenting on the young vampire. When Sholomenko gets cornered by Vanessa and Mohamad, he threatens Dylan’s life, then says he’s changed her so Vanessa’s bite won’t save her. It’ll kill her. Vanessa kills him when Dylan manages to get away to get the blood bag he’d promised her.

Other Moments:

  • There was a lot of death this episode, Taka (Ryan Robbins), Sheema, and Rebecca all died. Taka’s was particularly gory.
  • Vanessa and Rebecca had a bad ass fight, it’s easy to forget Kelly Overton was pregnant while filming because she moves so effortlessly.
  • Vanessa is becoming much more similar to vampires, even feeding on Mohamad to help her focus. Mohamad wants to know if that will make him immune, and that’s a very good question that hopefully gets answered in future episodes.

What did you think of the Van Helsing season 2 premiere, was it bloody enough for you?!? What do you think the other characters are up to, and when will we see them?

Van Helsing airs Thursdays at 9pm on Syfy.

Photo Credit: Dan Power/Nomadic Pictures Corp./Syfy