“Van Helsing” Recap: There’s a Literal Blood Bath

Syfy’s Van Helsing shows no signs of slowing down in the second episode of their sophomore season! The episode contained blood, violence, and several reunions, ending with a crazy cliffhanger! ‘In Redemption’ was written by Jonathan Walker and directed by Michael Nankin.

What’s Up, Doc? | Doc (Rukiya Bernard) is back! Looks like she found her way out of Eden and into a group of survivors, using her medical skills to save lives. All is going well for her until Callie (Macie Juiles) shows up. You see, Doc hasn’t exactly been honest with these people about her past. They don’t know about the hospital in Seattle. Callie being there threatens Doc’s story, so she scares the little girl into promising not to tell anyone they know each other. Later, some blood goes missing and Doc tracks the thief, it’s Callie. She’s stealing blood bags to keep vampire Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) alive.

Up until this point Doc assumed Axel was dead, now she’s faced with what her betrayal has done to him and she immediately apologizes and begs him not to kill her. He doesn’t. Instead, he forces her to steal the rest of the blood and go with him to find Vanessa (Kelly Overton). He may be a vampire, but he refuses to kill to eat and he will not abandon his mission.

Blood Bath | In this episode, Dmitri (Paul Johansson) bathes in blood with his sister, Anastasia (Gia Crovatin), who promises she will not let Vanessa get away. Too bad that’s exactly what Vanessa and Mohamad (Trezzo Mahoro) are doing. They’ve got Dylan (Hannah Cheramy) and are trying to make their way out of The Citadel. It isn’t easy, but they make it out. But once in the woods they come face to face with Anastasia and her men. Mohamad tells Vanessa to take her daughter and run, he’ll sacrifice himself to hold them back.

Mohamad is able to hold them off momentarily, but his gun jams. Anastasia takes that opportunity to pounce. Just as she’s about to kill him a knife goes right through the back of her skull, killing her instantly. Some sort of ninja is the wielder of the knife, they kill all the other vampires, then leaves Mohamad alone when they realized Vanessa got away.

Another Reunion | Flesh (Vincent Gale) and Lucky (Andrea Ware) are still fighting with The Resistance to an extent, but Flesh’s number one priority is finding Vanessa. The pair stumble upon a wounded Mohamad, who informs them that Vanessa and Dylan got away. Flesh chooses to take Mohamad to get medical attention over finding Vanessa, he knows she’s safe for the moment and his friend really needs help.

Human Once More | Thought Vanessa and Dylan got away, Dylan still wants to return to The Citadel to Rebecca, her vampire mother. She doesn’t know Rebecca is dead. She hears the call of another vampire and returns with one of her own, then runs away to find the vampire. It happens to have been Julius (Aleks Paunovic), and at first he has no interest in a little girl. But once he realizes she can get him close to Dmitri he decides he could use her. But Julius definitely doesn’t seem like the paternal type, dragging and threatening Dylan.

But Vanessa isn’t going to let her daughter be taken from her again, she tracks the pair down and fights for her daughter. But once Dylan realizes her mother hurt, and possibly killed, Rebecca she loses it and attacks her. Julius gets in on the scuffle, and Vanessa ends up biting him, which we all know her bite changes vampires back to human. When human Julius gets up, he is truly grateful for what she’s down and thanks her.

What an insane ending! How will Julius differ as a human than as a vampire? Will Axel ever forgive Doc for what she did? Will Doc ever forgive herself for what she did?

Van Helsing airs Thursdays at 9pm on Syfy!

Photo Credit: Dan Power/Nomadic Pictures Corp./Syfy