“Van Helsing” Recap: Back to Where it Began

This weeks episode of Syfy’s Van Helsing was particularly exciting because Missy Peregrym’s character Scarlett Harker is finally introduced! On top of that, we also get to see our season 1 favorite character Susan again! ‘Veritas Vincit’ was written by Jonathan Lloyd Walker and directed by Kaare Andrews.

Reunited and it Feels so Good—Not! | Vanessa (Kelly Overton) is having another vision/dream about the red door, but this time Susan (Hilary Jardine) was also there! Though Susan quickly turned into the old creature, luring Vanessa to the door. Vanessa wakes and drags Julius (Aleks Paunovic) back to the old lab where Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) got turned, she’s certain that’s where the red door is. As soon as they got close they ran into Doc (Rukiya Bernard) and Axel. Axel’s not doin’ so hot and needs Vanessa to turn him back, but she refuses. She decides to go off on her own in search of the door and leaves Julius behind to go with Doc and Axel to find fuel and Wanda, their old ambulance.

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Axel stands up to Julius and gets away from them to go after Vanessa. Julius and Doc continue on their mission, but Doc gets a little tripped up in a home-made explosive device that Julius tries to throw away before it explodes.

Meet Scarlett Harker | As Vanessa is exploring the lab she once hoped to call home she is met by a masked ninja, who quickly removes her mask and reveals the beautiful face of Missy Peregrym as Scarlett Harker. They chat briefly until Axel jumps out to try to protect Vanessa and ends up stabbed by Scarlett. Vanessa goes into protective mode and fights Scarlett until she agrees to leave him alone. Vanessa puts Axel in a bed to rest and the ladies continue on towards the door they’ve both seen visions of. They find it and enter using Van Helsing as the passcode to get in.

Once behind the door, they find a room full of experiments and Vanessa fears she might be from this place. The next room is filled with old computers. Vanessa uses her fingerprints to log on and remembers doing this as a child, she knows she’s been here before. Her and Scarlett come across a room they both recognize that triggers a memory for both of them from their childhood. It’s the same memory, they’re in it together and a woman is telling them where the key is if they need it, and that only a Van Helsing can use it. This memory reveals that both Vanessa and Scarlett are sisters, but Scarlett doesn’t believe it until Vanessa finds the hidden key. Suddenly, an alarm goes off.

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Brutal Dmitri | Scab (Rowland Pidlubny) is now Dmitri’s (Paul Johansson) loyal servant and has brought his master a snack. Dmitri is not pleased and crushes the humans head under his foot. Scab then runs to meet another group of mysterious masked people and says he has a message for Maya from Dmitri.

That alarm that Vanessa and Scarlett hear? That’s Dmitri and his crew breaking into the lab and coming for Vanessa.

Looks like Vanessa and Scarlett are sisters, but now they’re in a tough spot with Dmitri being there. Will they be able to fight their way out of it? Will Vanessa be able to turn Dmitri or any of his men human?

Van Helsing airs Thursdays at 9pm on Syfy.

Photo Credit: Dan Power/Nomadic Pictures Corp./Syfy