“Van Helsing” Recap: Things Get Steamy

Where can Van Helsing go after cannibals? With a ton of Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) backstory and tons of twists and turns apparently. Episode 209 finds our main group breaking up to flee from the Sisterhood and Dmitri (Paul Johansson) all the while tying in Scarlett’s tumultuous backstory. ‘Wakey, Wakey’ was written by Jeremy Smith and Matt Venables and directed by David Winning.

First Kill | Teenage Scarlett (Tina Georgieva) doesn’t believe in vampires, something she’s expressed to her father. But one night the young teenager finds out just how wrong she was when she is confronted by one. Her father injures it, but makes her kill it by beheading it. After, he tells her they have to leave. He fakes their deaths to insure they are able to escape. Seeing young Scarlett and her father in the flashbacks explains so much about the way she is now. She was forced to deal with vampires years before anyone else was.

“Blowing Off Steam” | With the Sisterhood and Dmitri attacking, our main group decides to split up. Julius (Aleks Paunovic) now has the key, so he and Doc (Rukiya Bernard) go one direction while Scarlett and Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) go another. The latter pair end up finding an abandoned armored vehicle and lock themselves inside. They find a crap ton of paper money inside and end up having sex on it. Afterwards Scarlett tells Axel not to think too much about what they just did, she was just “blowing off steam” and wasn’t very interested in him. Suddenly they hear a sound outside and realize they’re surrounded by a few members of the Sisterhood, who walk around the perimeter of the vehicle, banging and scraping on it. They end up gassing the humans inside, but they were prepared. Axel has made armor out of the money, and he and Scarlett begin to fight. Scarlett ends up getting bit by one of the Sisters, and guess what…her bite turned the vampire back to human! Too bad her fellow Sister would not allow that, she killed her former ally.

Is He Dead? | Doc finally uses a gun, and it’s on the Deputy that wanted to escape to Crooked Falls her and Julius. Next, in what is probably the happiest bit of the episode, Doc and Julius hide in a convenience store and Julius discovers several tasty snacks for the first time. Too bad their happy times couldn’t last. Scab (Rowland Pidlubny) and Dmitri track them down. This is the first time Scab is seeing his old master, it’s a strange reunion that’s for sure. Dmitri begins to attack Julius and Doc, showing for the second time this episode how much she’s grown, jumps on the old vampires back. Unfortunately that doesn’t help much, because Dmitri still gets the key from Julius before throwing him against the tree, possibly killing him. Dmitri wants to awaken the elder that has been calling to Vanessa (Kelly Overton). That can’t be good.

What a crazy episode! Julius can’t really be dead, can he? Let us know what you think!

Van Helsing airs Thursdays at 9pm on Syfy!