“Van Helsing” Recap: Beware the Sampire

Rejoice Helsingers, we’re getting a season 3 of Syfy’s Van Helsing! This is especially exciting after this week’s all-new episode! The whole episode revolves around Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl), both his past and present, and Mohamad (Trezzo Mahoro), including how the two met. ‘Be True’ was written by Jackie May and directed by the show’s very own Jonathan Scarfe (Axel).

Young Sam | The episode is sprinkled with flashbacks to Sam’s childhood. We see young Sam (George Klimovich) being abused by his Pastor father (Paul Duchart), and it seems like it’s something that happens frequently. This is probably what drives Sam to kill animals. His father finds out and begins to beat him, so Sam stabs him in the eye. His father then hits young Sam in the ears with the palms of his hands, causing Sam to go deaf. Now we know the origin of his hearing loss and why later in the episode, he picks up the cane he finds. His father used to beat him with it. He goes out to where he has his father tied up, and beats him to death with that cane.

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First Meeting | This episode finally explains how Sam and Mohamad became friends. Mohamad thought Sam was in danger of a vampire, but Sam was able to take care of himself. Later, Mohamad see’s Sam trying to hang himself, so he intervenes and learns that Sam is Deaf. Sam is delighted when he learns Mohamad knows sign language, and even more delighted when he agreed to be Sam’s friend. What Mohamad doesn’t know is that Sam was actually not trying to kill himself, but actually tricking Mohamad so he could kill him. It’s only the fact that Sam finally found someone he could communicate and build a friendship with that saves Mohamad’s life.

Cat & Mouse | Mohamad’s not doing well, but he convinces Sam not to turn him. Sam has been living on the property he grew up on and is keeping his family and others hostage to feed on. But there is one girl he seems to like and lets her take care of everyone, her name is Cara (Emily Haine). Sam allows her to take care of Sam. During this time, Cara and Mohamad grow close and devise a plan to kill Sam. Unfortunately it doesn’t work and Sam tells Cara, his Little Mouse, to go. She runs, knowing what’s coming next.

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After giving her a head start, and against Mohamad’s wishes, Sam chases after the girl. Upon catching her, he locks her to a post and basically forces Mohamad to kill her. But after doing so, Mohamad turns the blade on himself. He’s tired of running and fighting and doesn’t want to be with Sam. Sam can’t bare to lose his only “friend” and bites him out of desperation, but it doesn’t do anything. He carries Mohamad into the chapel on the property, and it’s there that Mohamad stirs to life, if you can call being turned into a vampire still being alive.

Holy cow, now Mohamad’s a vampire?!?!? There’s no telling what kind of trouble he and Sam will get up to! And now knowing they’re getting another season, I’m sure they’ll stir up loads of trouble for the rest of the gang.

Van Helsing airs Thursday’s at 9pm on Syfy!

Photo Credit: Dan Power/Nomadic Pictures Corp./Syfy