“Van Helsing” Season 2 Finale Recap: To the Crypt They Go

Helsingers, the time has come for Syfy’s Van Helsing season 2 finale! The episode follows Scarlett, Abigail, Dmitri, Scab, and Ivory as they all race to the crypt of the Elder. The episode wraps up the season nicely but leaves just enough to make fans want more! ‘Black Days’ was written by Neil La Bute and Jonathan Scarfe.

Soulless Journey | The episode begins with Dmitri (Paul Johansson) seeing the Sisterhood’s oracle, who is more than just a little crazy. She gives him a magical brand and tells him to follow the light. She also informs Dmitri only 3 can go on this journey, so he takes Scab (Rowland Pidlubny) and Ivory (Jennifer Cheon) with him.

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When they enter the crypt they immediately get separated and must relive some of their worst human memories. Because the cave the crypt is in feeds on the minds and souls of those who enter, it effects vampires much worse than it effects the humans. During this time we see Dmitri before he’s changed, we see Scab getting bullied and dealing with anxiety, and we see Ivory about to be burned alive for not converting to another religion. But eventually they make it through their nightmares and team back up for the rest of the episode.

The Servant | Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) and Abigail (Colleen Winton) have a much easier go of it in the cave. They stuck together and relived moments from their past, when Scarlett and Vanessa (Kelly Overton) were kids Abigail made the decision to leave them for their safety, and now Scarlett is seeing that and beginning to understand why their mother did what she did.

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They make it to the door of the crypt before Dmitri and the others, but before they can even try to open it the others arrive. There’s a battle between Scarlett and her mother against Scab and Ivory, but eventually Dmitri wins by catching Scarlett by her throat. He tells her the only way to open the crypt is for a Van Helsing to die, so instead of letting her daughter get killed by this monster to open the door, Abigail sacrifices her life and opens it. But she doesn’t die immediately, apparently the crypt door wants the person opening it to suffer.

Dmitri goes to his master, the Elder (Keith Arbuthnot), who awakens and is pleased to see Dmitri. But when the Elder tries to attack Abigail, Scarlett tells it to stop and he does. Apparently this elder made a deal when he was captured, he swore fealty to the Van Helsing line until the Dark One—who I’m pretty sure is Dracula–is killed or awakened.

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With this new knowledge, Scarlett orders her new servant to kill Dmitri, and even though he doesn’t want to, he obliges. After, she orders him to find Vanessa, and he does. She’s in a chair in Blaktek, unconscious, and he bites her to wake her. But when she opens her eyes they are no longer the familiar eyes of Vanessa, they are now red.

This finale did a good job of tying up loose ends between Abigail and Scarlett, along with letting us in on a lot of backstory for several characters. Not to mention that minor cliffhanger that Vanessa may now be even less human/more vampire! We definitely can’t wait to see what the Van Helsing crew comes up with for season 3!

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Photo Credit: Dan Power/Nomadic Pictures Corp./Syfy