“America’s Next Top Model” Hopeful Previews Revamped New Season

It’s been a year since The CW’s long-running competition series America’s Next Top Model said it’s goodbye. Tonight, however, the addicting, award-winning reality show from supermodel Tyra Banks makes its triumphant return — this time on VH1.

OMFGTV had the chance to watch tonight’s premiere in advance, and we had the pleasure of chatting with one of the show’s biggest standouts, Michigan-native Paige Mobley.

In the season opener, viewers will meet a lot of girls with very big personalities. But there’s something extra special that makes Paige stand out from the crowd.

“I’m pretty much the quintessential, mid-western, all-American girl,” she tells us. “A lot of the girls come from big cities; a lot of the girls have experience doing modeling and I have experience too, but I’m definitely the mid-western, American home-grown girl. I’m definitely a goody-two shoes, and I think that audience members and fans alike are going to enjoy that side of me and that part of me and what that brings to the show for sure.”

VH1 being the new home of the show isn’t the only thing that has changed. The beautiful hopefuls will also be facing a completely new panel, which includes global superstar Rita Ora! It’s a change that Paige is really excited about.

“I think that [the new panel adds] to the fact that this is a new generation of Top Model and this is a new series– a total revamp. I think a complete brand new panel is really super exciting and definitely adds to the whole revampness of the show.”

“I love Rita Ora; she has such an exciting and fun energy about her,” she continues. “She’s incredibly enthusiastic about the franchise and about the brand, and she really respects what Top Model has been and she’s excited about where top model is going and where this franchise could go in a new generation and a new direction.”

For fans who are apprehensive about the star coming on board as the new host, Paige wants you to give Rita a chance, and that she can’t wait for viewers to see her in action.

“I love the fact that she really respected [the show] throughout the entire process,” Paige says. “She really, really respects Tyra and I’m excited to have fans see that as well. I think the fans are really going to enjoy how much she actually respects the show and a being big fan of the show on top of being the host. She’s so cool. People will actually be pleasantly surprised!”

One surprise that had us giddy with excitement was how quick the drama started in the season premiere. Fans who watch the show for the drama can rest assured that it is “definitely a key component in this season.”

“It’s like a science,” Paige explains. “You put 14 girls into a house with one another and personalities and everything is just going to start flying around. It’s definitely a big part of the season, a big factor, but it’s what makes Top Model exciting. I think that a lot of people love the drama and it’s a big reason that they watch the show. It’s exciting because when there’s a competition involved, things get dramatic for sure. So it’s a huge part of this season.”

Fans who are well versed in the smize as well as fans who have yet to experience the amazingness/craziness of America’s Next Top Model will want to tune in to learn a lot more about the group of girls that have been chosen to compete this season.

“The top 14, I have to say, are a really dynamic group of people,” she says. “As the show continues on and we get further into the season, everybody really opens up and comes out of their shell. You get to know them on such a personal level that I guarantee that fans are going to feel that these girls are their best friends, these girls are their cousin, they are their sister. You can see things in the girls that you see in your own squad at home and I think that’s really cool.”

“Personally one of my favorite parts about reality TV is that these are real people and real stories and real experiences put in a competition atmosphere, and a modeling atmosphere, nonetheless. You get to really experience people and good people — and these girls are really, really good people and I’m excited for people to see that.”

America’s Next Top Model premieres tonight at 10|9c on VH1.