“Daytime Divas” Star Camille Guaty Reveals Nina Sandoval’s Whole New, Evil Side

Viewers of VH1’s newest scripted series Daytime Divas were introduced to a number of women who make up the panel of the fictional daytime talk show “The Lunch Hour.” One of those women is Nina Sandoval, a professional, successful, former war correspondent.

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Like her co-hosts, Nina is a gem on camera but will stand up for herself backstage even if it means fighting with the women she works with. While the show is in turmoil, Nina is currently figuring out the best way to hide a secret from her future-congressman husband.

That secret is that while she and her husband try — and fail — to start a family (her husband’s sperm density levels is nearly non-existent), she’s been seeing her boss Maxine’s son/The Lunch Hour producer, Shawn (McKinley Freeman), on the side.

“Nina is in this marriage that’s kind of complicated, and this is going to bring out a whole new side to her” Nina’s portrayer Camille Guaty previews. “After you see the first episode, you’re going to see a whole unraveling of Nina and she’s going to start to have to fight a little bit dirtier than you’ve seen her in the beginning.”

Will this “whole new side” include Nina sleeping with her producer? We predict that she does and winds up getting pregnant. Then it’s a matter of trying to figure out who the father is.

Looking into the episode titles for the rest of the 10-episode first season, we find that episode 5 is titled “Baby Daddy Drama,” so we believe it is that episode where everything comes to a head.

Sure, Nina looks like an angel, but Guaty says that looks can be deceiving.

“There is an evil side to her that people need to watch out for,” she says. “It’s very fun to play. Things will start to unravel and it’s so much fun.

Daytime Divas airs Mondays at 10pm on VH1.