Warner Bros. Announces “The 100: The Complete Fourth Season” BD & DVD Release Details


Warner Archive to Offer The 100: The Complete Fourth Season on Blu-rayTM via Online Retailers DVD & Blu-rayTM feature all 13 episodes plus extensive bonus features including the 2016 Comic-Con Panel, behind-the-scenes featurettes, a gag reel, and deleted scenes!

In the latest season of The CW’s hit show, the 100 are still fighting for survival after suffering devastating hardships that have almost completely torn them apart. The fight has taken countless lives and set Earth’s survivors against each other, but can this group of heroes protect each other from the most dangerous threat yet? Join members of Skaikru as they work to save the human race when Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) releases the exhilarating The 100: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD on July 18, 2017. The 100: The Complete Fourth Season will feature all 13 episodes and will be available to own on July 18, 2017 for $24.98 SRP.

Due to overwhelming fan demand, The 100: The Complete Fourth Season also arrives July 18, 2017 on Blu-rayTM courtesy of Warner Archive, and will be available at Amazon.com and all online retailers.

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In the midst of death and destruction, relationships are put to the test as the 100 fight for their very existence. These heroes enter the fourth season at the epicenter of both the Grounder world and their newly founded homebase of Arkadia. After season three’s all-out war, a far more lethal threat has risen to the surface: Clarke has learned that Earth’s remaining nuclear reactors are melting and will soon set the atmosphere on fire. ALIE, the A.I. who launched the world’s nuclear missiles causing the apocalypse, was telling the truth. With the human race doomed to face an unbeatable enemy, Clarke and her allies amongst Arkadia and the Grounders must fight for humankind and all life itself. But with hope fleeting and the end inevitable, will our heroes spend their remaining days trying to survive… or finally trying to live? The stakes have never been higher, alliances are breaking, and the world is about to collapse. Civility has no place at the end of the world, and there’s no telling what lengths the 100 will go to in order to survive.

Based on Kass Morgan’s bestselling young adult book of the same name, The 100: The Complete Fourth Season returns with an all-star cast including Eliza Taylor (The November Man), Paige Turco (Person of Interest), Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos (50/50, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief), Devon Bostick (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Christopher Larkin, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon (Bates Motel), and Zach McGowan (Black Sails), with Isaiah Washington (Grey’s Anatomy) and Henry Ian Cusick (Lost).

Order “The 100: The Complete Fourth Season” on Amazon!

“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is thrilled to release the much anticipated fourth season of the sci-fi hit The 100 on DVD with all new bonus content”, said Rosemary Markson, WBHE Senior Vice President, Television Marketing. “We left our heroes at a crossroads in Season Three and this next installment truly tests the limits and minds of the last remaining hope for humanity itself.”

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Going into season 4, The 100 had the huge issue of radiation to address. How was Clarke going to tell everyone she just rescued from the City of Light that they’re all going to die in less than 6 months? The writers did a very good job of showing Clarke’s struggles while trying to make the best decisions to save her people. Her struggle to save Roan and get him on her side, the struggle to find a viable solution to hide from the radiation, a struggle to find a solution to the conclave. Clarke faces nothing but tough decisions all season, inevitably leading her to be left behind while the rest of her people went to space or hid underground.

One of the best things they did this season was expand their view from more than just Clarke’s story, they showed the story of several other characters as well. Season 4 sees Octavia become a badass assassin, Raven gets a super brain, Murphy falls even more in love and actually becomes a decent human. Not to mention the new characters introduced such as Echo, Gaia, and even more Niylah!

The end of the season poses another problem: The planet has been livable for some time, yet only Clarke and her new little nightblood are on the surface. She hasn’t been able to contact anyone in space or underground in the bunker. Is it possible they didn’t make it through several years in unsavory conditions? To make matters worse, a huge prisoner transport ship emerges from the sky and lands, this can’t be good.

This season was another dark one, filled with lots of death and despair. Let’s not forget about those characters we lost to mental illness and in battle, for their stories need to live on as well.

Season 4 reminds us that we need to take care of our planet, because something like this is actually possible.

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The Blu-Ray & DVD Set Contains the Following Bonus Features:

The 100: 2016 Comic-Con Panel
Several members of the cast as well as Jason Rothenberg attended San Diego Comic-Con in 2016 to discuss the turbulent third season, as well as preview the fourth season. Watch to see what some of the cast’s most difficult scenes to film were, and how to stand out in an audition tape!

From Outcasts to Leaders
This featurette contains interviews with several members of the cast and follows the journey of the Delinquents from season 1 through season 4. It outlines how the adults metaphorically passed the leadership torch to the Delinquents, the ones who know how to survive in this new environment.

Creating a Post-Apocalyptic World
Go behind the scenes with Michael Cliett, VFX producer/supervisor, to get the lowdown on some of your favorite sets and visual effects! If visual effects are your jam, then you’re going to love this featurette!

Jasper’s Journey
Watch as Devon Bostick and several others reflect on Jasper’s journey from comic relief to the one suffering the most from PTSD. The cast really use this time to highlight PTSD and suicide awareness, and stress that it should not be an option. The featurette also includes lots of behind the scenes clips and images of Devon, which is almost worth the price of the DVD alone.

The Stunts of the 100
Watch as stunt coordinator Marshall Virtue explains and shows videos of stunt performers performing some of your favorite action scenes. Virtue goes into detail on how the scenes were planned, choreographed, and shot, and will make anyone interested in stunts very happy.

Deleted Scenes
There are deleted scenes sprinkled throughout all 3 DVDs. Disc one contains a great scene between Gaia and Ilian which shows how they both ended up in Arkadia. Disc 2 only contains one deleted scene, and disc 3 had a few. The most notable of the deleted scenes in on the third disc, where Monty finds a letter Jasper left for him.

Gag Reel
Though fairly short–are gag reels ever really long enough?–the gag reel is hilarious! It is full of laughter and bleeps, and shows that the cast know how to have a good time while working on such a dark and serious show.

Heavy Lies The Crown
The Four Houseman
A Lie Guarded
The Tinder Box
We Will Rise
Gimme Shelter
God Complex
Die All, Die Merrily
The Other Side
The Chosen

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