Warner Bros. Releases “Shameless: The Complete Seventh Season” on BD & DVD



Get set for another scandalous season of Showtime’s top-rated comedy series Shameless, with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s (WBHE) release of Shameless: The Complete Seventh Season, available September 26, 2017. Join the Gallaghers, one of television’s most delightfully outrageous families as they star in 12 highly-entertaining episodes from the show’s seventh season. From Emmy®-winning executive producer John Wells (ER, The West Wing) and Warner Bros. Television, Shameless stars Oscar®-nominated actor William H. Macy (Fargo, Door to Door) as Frank Gallagher, the outspoken, alcoholic, single father of six clever and resourceful siblings, who are trying to scrape by on Chicago’s South Side. Shameless: The Complete Seventh Season will retail for $39.99 SRP for the Blu-ray™ and $29.98 SRP for the standard DVD edition.

Shameless: The Complete Seventh Season is currently available to own on Digital HD via purchase from digital retailers.

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As the seventh season of Shameless kicks off, Frank (William H. Macy) wakes from a month long coma after having been tossed into the Chicago River, only to realize that no one came looking for him at the hospital. Fiona (Emmy Rossum), who still works at Patsy’s Pies as the manager, is faced with making major executive decisions in order to keep the business afloat. Lip (Jeremy Allen White) is out of rehab but struggles with his sobriety. Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and Caleb (Jeff Pierre) hit a major snag in their relationship after Caleb is caught cheating. Debbie (Emma Kenney), now a single teen mom, begins stealing high-end strollers in order to pay a nanny to care for her baby. Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) chooses to get circumcised. Kevin, Veronica and Svetlana consider opening a topless maid service.

“William H. Macy and the rest of the Shameless cast are brilliant in the way they portray the Gallagher clan. Each character captivates our hearts and we cheer them on through all their struggles. This is just one of the reasons Shameless is such a special show,” said Rosemary Markson, WBHE Senior Vice President, TV Marketing. She added, “We’re delighted to offer another season of this outstanding series to consumers on DVD and Blu-ray with bonus content.”

Based on the long-running, award-winning British series, Shameless was adapted for American television by John Wells and original UK series creator Paul Abbott (State of Play) and made its U.S. debut on Showtime January 9, 2011. Showtime’s youngest-skewing series, Shameless developed a loyal fan base during the first season, and averaged over 2.5 million viewers each episode during its seventh season. The series is Showtime’s #1 series across all key Adult demos (out of 9 series).*

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The seventh season of Shameless was executive produced by John Wells, Christopher Chulack, Nancy M. Pimental, Davey Holmes, Krista Vernoff, Etan Frankel and Andrew Stearn. Produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with John Wells Productions and Warner Bros. Television, the series stars William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum (The Day After Tomorrow, Phantom of the Opera), Jeremy Allen White (Movie 43, Afterschool), Ethan Cutkosky (Fred Claus), Shanola Hampton (You Again), Steve Howey (Reba), Emma Kenney (The New Girl in Town) and Cameron Monaghan (The Giver, Vampire Academy).

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Showtime’s hit series, Shameless, picked up on season 7 not long after where season 6 left off. Frank wakes up in the hospital with no memory of how he got there–his kids dumped him over a bridge when he ruined Fiona’s wedding. This season follows Frank on a roller coaster of disastrous ideas and true heartbreak. It was nice to see the human side of him more this season than just the alcohol-fueled lowlife.

Fiona spends a lot of this season reacting and struggling with the events that occurred in the season 6 finale. Throughout the season Fiona finds a balance between managing the diner and opening up her own laundromat, though she forgets about her friends and family. When Monica dies at the end of the season, Fiona seems least effected by it, but the show does a good job of explaining why. Monica left and Fiona was the one who stepped up into the “mom” role. She lost out on her childhood because of her mother, and she still resents her for that.

Lip takes a stab at sobriety this season, or the Gallagher version of it at least. He realizes he had a shot at a real future, but maybe that shot isn’t completely gone. He’s in a relationship with Sierra that seems like it could get pretty serious. Lip really grew up this season and started taking responsibility for his own life.

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Ian had on of our favorite character arcs this season! Not only did he have to deal with his bipolar disorder on his new job, but he also got into a relationship with Trevor, a trans man that starts making Ian think of sexuality and gender on a spectrum rather than just black and white. And to top it all off, Ian almost runs off to Mexico with Mickey, but decides he needs to stay with his family and Trevor instead, which shows real growth because we all know ho he feels about Mickey.

Debbie is a new mother and doesn’t have anyone in her family she can rely on for help so she does the most Debbie thing she could do and gets engaged to a young man that happens to have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Though we are not a fan of her using someone for her own needs, we understand it was very in character for her.

Carl has a rough start to the season, but has one of the best endings. He decides he needs to get circumcised for his girlfriend, but it doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. When she later breaks up with him, Carl really bonds with her dad and decides military school is the place for him. With the help of his ex-girlfriend’s father, Carl gets accepted and goes off to make a better name for himself. This was the perfect direction for this character to go.

Overall, season 7 was very good, though we wish the Kevin, V, Svetlana relationship had ended better. Instead of finding a way to make an unconventional relationship work, Svetlana was turned into the bad guy and steals the bar right from under their noses. We hope to see some resolution and reconciliation between those characters because that relationship may have been strange, but it was the best one on the show.

When the season 7 finale aired it was still unclear if Shameless would be picked up for an 8th season (it was), so the season 7 finale felt like it could have doubled as a series finale had they needed it to. Lucky for us fans, we get more Gallagher antics in season 8!

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1. Hireath
2. Swipe, Fuck, Leave
3. Home Sweet Homeless Shelter
4. I Am A Storm
5. Own Your Shit
6. The Defenestration of Frank
7. You’ll Never Get A Chicken In Your Whole Entire Life
8. You Sold Me The Laundromat, Remember?
9. Ouroboros
10. Ride or Die
11. Happily Ever After
12. Requiem for a Slut

The Blu-Ray & DVD Set Contains the Following Bonus Features:

Growing Up Shameless
Ethan Cutkosky (Carl) and Emma Kenney (Debbie) have basically grown up together on the set of Shameless. This hilarious featurette features not only the two youngest actors recounting their childhood on set, but also the majority of the other actors, crew, and their parents joined in on the fun!

The Shameless Politics of Frank
Watch as William H. Macy (Frank) and Executive Producer Nancy M. Pimental try to explain the motives behind Frank’s actions and beliefs. This featurette includes clips from several Frank Gallagher rants, some making sense and some not.

Unaired Scenes
Almost every episode is followed by a deleted scene from the episode. Some of the scenes are short and funny (like one with Debbie and her fiance), while others may make you tear up from all the raw emotion in them (Monica has a very emotional scene with Frank).

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Review By: Christina B.