“Wynonna Earp” Recap: Meet Aphrodite

Wynonna Earp‘s seventh episode of the season aired Friday night, and OMFGTV was lucky enough to watch it live with the cast and creator of the show! We can’t even begin to explain how incredible that experience was, but we can explain what happened in the funniest episode of the season! ‘Everybody Knows’ was written by Brendon Yorke and directed by Paolo Barzman.

Fakers | The episode kicks off with Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Dolls (Shamier Anderson) going to the Gardner’s to look for Tucker (Caleb Ellsworth-Clark). Instead, they find Beth (Meghan Heffern) and Mercedes (Dani Kind), who are actually The Widows, “locked” in a room. They claim that Tucker locked them in there, but Wynonna is not an idiot, she doesn’t believe her friend for a second. She begins to prod Beth’s arm looking for a wound left by Peacemaker, but Mercedes makes them believe before Wynonna could prod her arm. At this point, I’d like to point out that when we see Mercedes’ wound Melanie yelled out “I thought that was a nipple!” So Melanie truly is Wynonna.

The Widows know Wynonna is on to them, and they’re starting to panic. They need to find the third seal and wonder if the Stone Witch can still help them, but instead throw her head in the fire.

Doc’s Past Catches Up To Him | In what first appears to be a flashback, but quickly we realize it is not, a boy (Benjamin Arthurs) in old western clothes wakes up a cowboy named Bass Reeves (Adrian Holmes) with an even bigger mustache than Doc (Tim Rozon)! The boy informs Reeves that Doc Holliday has been de-cloaked, probably due to Clootie’s death, and is marked for execution.

Doc and Dolls brought a doctor to check up on Wynonna after she got lightheaded outside the Gardner’s house, and Doc is noticeably nervous. Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) suggests he go outside for some fresh air, and he decides to take that advice. Once outside he is confronted by that boy from earlier. He tells Doc he has been marked for execution for something he did in Colorado before he was thrown in the well, then brands him with a five-pointed mark before disappearing.

Doc and Wynonna have a chat, where she was planning on telling him he may not be the father of her child but chickens out, and she thanks him for the “I’m all in” note. He tells her that he is willing to be as involved with this child as she wants, and that all he really wants if for her to be “as close to happy as possible.”

Doc leaves and goes to Shorty’s, and Waverly follows. She assumes her sister told Doc the truth, and accidentally tells him that he might not be the father.

Back at the office, Doc is readying all his weapons to fight whatever is going to try to execute him. Dolls and Jeremy (Varun Saranga) are also there, trying to do a binding spell on a piece of fabric from The Widows clothing to attract the creepy ladies to them. But, despite what Jeremy thinks, he’s no wizard and accidentally binds all three boys together. This would be hilarious if Bass Reeves didn’t choose this time to try to execute Doc. He slips a rope around Doc’s neck and hoists him into the air, but since they’re bound, it causes Jeremy and Dolls to also get yanked around. All three go flying around the room in the most hilarious marionette show, until Doc gets the rope from around his neck. He tries to punch Reeves, but his fist goes right through the supernatural cowboy. Reeves declares he can’t be touched by anything from this earthly world, right as Dolls punches him square in the face and makes a real connection.

Doc reveals to his friends that Reeves is hunting him because he slept with someone’s wife, twice, which Dolls calls selfish. Jeremy runs out of the building, dragging Doc and Dolls behind him, but realize they’re in even more danger outside. Reeves brought backup, and they’re not going to let them get away. Doc tries to convince Reeves to let his friends go, but they’re been deemed accomplices and will share the same fate. Dolls takes a stab at trying to save them by standing up for Doc. In this moment we see that Dolls and Doc truly do have a wonderful bromance developing.

Dolls discovers the brand on Doc’s neck and recognizes it. It’s the Marshal Star, meaning that this is THE Bass Reeves! Dolls actually loses his cool and completely fanboys out, then he points out that he is a deputy and will take over the case from here. Dolls pardons Doc, and Reeves and his crew disappear.

Once they can relax, Jeremy falls asleep, Doc tucks him in, then shares a drink with Dolls. All of our boys are safe and happy and friends!!!

Pussy Willows | Waverly forces Nicole (Katherine Barrell) to play baby sitter to Wynonna for the day, and the two of them go off on a hilarious booze-fueled adventure. Wynonna takes Nicole to Pussy Willows, a strip club she used to work at going by the name Aphrodite. Wynonna can’t drink, so she makes Nicole drink for both of them, and the scenes that follow contains some of the best comedic acting we have ever seen.

Waverly calls Nicole to check in and quickly realizes they are at a strip club, but before Nicole can give away which one, Wynonna throws her phone in a glass of beer. Then Wynonna reveals the real reason for their girls day out, and it’s a man named Jonas (Mark Ghanime).

There are lots of hilarious drunk Nicole moments in Pussy Willows, but you need to watch them to fully grasp and appreciate just how good they are!

Remember back in season 1 when Wynonna got really drunk at Shorty’s and danced the night away, then strolled into work the next day with coffee and endless amounts of confidence? It turns out she ended up at Pussy Willows later that night, and slept with Jonas. He might be the father of the baby.

Her plan is to have Nicole take shot with Jonas then steal his shot glass for the DNA sample. It’s actually a good plan, until they realize Jonas is a mother effing Revenant! Wynonna’s child might be half demon! Jonas knows exactly who Wynonna is, and when he realizes she might be carrying his child he starts to develop a “god complex”. He mentions that there are rumors of this happening one other time–Waverly?–and that they are starting a new race together.

Waverly shows up and knocks Jonas out with her car door. Once drunk Nicole hilariously explains what’s going on through hand gestures, they load Jonas into the back of the car. Wynonna knows she needs to kill him, even if he isn’t the father he knows she is carrying the next Earp Heir. When they let him out of the trunk he says some pretty disrespectful things to Wynonna, and she ends up shooting him with Peacemaker.

Waverly tells her big sis that she’s a superhero, and asks what the baby is. Wynonna’s answer is the most perfect answer, “Ours.”

Back at the Homestead, Waverly tells Wynonna she let is slip to Doc that he might not be the father. Wynonna is upset, but only for a moment. She calls her baby sister “Auntie Waverly,” which causes Wavs to burst into tears and reveals that she doesn’t think she’s an Earp.

At the end of the episode I looked around at everyone else in the room, and almost every single person had tears in their eyes from the heartbreaking moment between the Earp Sisters. It was written and acted so well that even the most thick-skinned person would have a hard time keeping their eyes dry.

What do you think the father is? Leave your predictions in the comments below!

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10pm on Syfy.

Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 2, Inc./Syfy