“Wynonna Earp” Recap: A History Lesson

This week’s episode of Wynonna Earp is different than the others. Instead of fighting the monster of the week, Wynonna goes on a “vision quest,” gaining answers to several of her–and viewers–questions. ‘No Future in the Past’ was written by Emily Andras and directed by Paolo Barzman.

Things Aren’t Always As We Remember | The episode opens with Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) describing a time to Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) when Willa tried to kill her. Wynonna doesn’t want to believe Waverly isn’t an Earp, she remembers her parents bringing her home from the hospital and stopping them from naming her Welcome. When Waverly gets to the end of her story, she says it was Wynonna that saved her, but it doesn’t look like Wynonna remembers that.

In another part of town, Juan Carlos (Shaun Johnston) is helping what he thinks is a broken down car, but turns out to be The Widows. Widow Beth (Meghan Heffern) decides she needs a little snack and takes a big bite out of JC’s neck.

Nacho Party! | At Shorty’s, Rosita (Tamara Duarte) wants to spend a little more alone time with Doc, but he’s got some business to attend to in the salt flats. He suggests she tries spending some time with the Earp ladies, they’re all going to be seeing a lot more of each other soon anyway.

Later, Waverly and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) are playing pool at the bar when Waverly reveals to her girlfriend that she’s sent in a DNA sample. She wants to know whether she’s an Earp or not once and for all, and says her results should be arriving at the police station soon, she didn’t want them sent to her house. Nicole doesn’t really seem into the idea of Waverly finding out the truth, but Rosita interrupts them before much can be said or done. Rosie wants to throw a surprise baby shower for Wynonna, and Waverly says if they use a nacho party as a cover Wynonna will definitely show up.

Rosita returns later with a giant donut-stuffed baby piñata, perfect for Wynonna. She makes some drinks, and the three play a rousing game of never-have-I-ever where Rosita and Waverly really seem to bond. When Rosita leaves to grab another game, Waverly looks for a pen and grabs Nicole’s purse by mistake. But what Waverly finds may change her relationship with Nicole forever; Nicole has Waverly’s DNA results, and they’re open.

She tries to defend her actions by telling Waverly she did it because she loves her, but that was definitely not the time to drop the L word. As noble as her actions may have been, Nicole really effed up.

Later, Waverly is at the same frozen pond from her memory earlier, only this time she’s holding her DNA results and crying. She also remembers who really pulled her out of the water…Bobo Del Rey.

Does Anyone Actually Like Going to the Doctors? | Wynonna goes to see her doctor, actually in her office this time, and gets more than she bargained for. After briefly reminding Wynonna that she has options, she “accidentally” shows Wynonna the sonogram of her child. Wynonna was not prepared for that and storms out of the office. Dolls (Shamier Anderson) is right behind her, but doesn’t stop her from disappearing into someones truck

Dolls goes straight to Nedley (Greg Lawson) and demands he track down the truck that took Wynonna. After a bit of sass on Nedley’s part, they come to the conclusion that she got into Juan Carlos’s truck, so Nedley doesn’t think she’s in any danger. He says JC hangs out at the volunteer fire station, so maybe he should start there.

Dolls does just that, grabbing Ewan (Brendan Fehr) and interrogating him at the Sheriff’s Department. During the interrogation Dolls receives a call from Wynonna, she’s fine and is able to quickly and cryptically tells Dolls she’s at a church. Ewan is able to tells Dolls which church specifically, and he’s off to save his girl!

Vision Quest Time! | Juan Carlos reveals a few things to Wynonna before sending her into the old church, the main thing being that he has been cursed, and it’s similar to Doc’s (Tim Rozon) in that he has been given longevity, but he is not allowed to interfere. He has things he needs to show Wynonna, but she has to make the choice to see them herself. She makes the choice to trust JC, takes Wyatt’s badge and a piece of paper with something to recite on it, goes inside the creepy church and stands in a pentagram to read the paper. Because none of that seems creepy at all. Nothing seems to change after she reads the paper, so Wynonna leaves, but she does leave Peacemaker behind.

It doesn’t take Wynonna to figure out she’s not in her Purgatory anymore. Instead she is in Purgatory during Wyatt’s time, and she spies a familiar face. Doc Holliday is there, and more drunk and angry than we’ve ever seen him! Wynonna quickly realizes this is a vision quest, so no one can see or hear her, so when she meets Robert Svain, AKA Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund, no one but the audience sees the look of shock on her face.

The fierce and cruel Bobo Del Rey started off as a quiet and meek friend of Wyatt’s. Now here’s where things get real complicated: Robert was one of Wyatt’s ride-or-die men, just like Doc, but Robert actually did die for Wyatt. Sheriff Clootie used Robert as a human shield and Wyatt shot through him with Peacemaker to get the sheriff.

Wynonna finds the dying Robert in the same church JC took her to for this vision quest, and some crazy shit goes down inside. Here is what we learn:

  • Clootie and The Widows were all married to demon sheriff Clootie, who Clootie buried.
  • There are 3 seals keeping Demon Clootie at bay, JC and Robert each with one, we see the third is Doc’s ring.
  • Wyatt’s curse was created by Demon Clootie, so that everyone killed by Peacemaker is sent to hell, destined to return whenever the Earp Heir turns 27. Meaning Robert is going to be a revenant.
  • Doc could have been saved by the well by Robert, instead he sealed both their fates.
  • Wynonna is an amazing big sister and is the reason Bobo has always looked out for Waverly

While Wynonna is discovering the truth, Dolls has found her but JC won’t allow him to wake Wynonna up. Juan Carlos also reveals to Dolls that he is actually dying, slowly and painfully from gangrene. The Widows decide this is a wonderful time to show up looking for the third seal, and Dolls runs out to fight them. He’s able to save himself, but Juan Carlos becomes dinner. Dolls puts JC out of his misery before collapsing inside the church from The Widows venom breath.

The Widows realize they can’t get into the church, so they’ll just burn the whole damn thing down instead. Dolls can’t wake Wynonna from her vision quest, but she’s dying from smoke inhalation. He gets her outside of the burning building, but she’s not breathing. Finally, she coughs back to life and filling Dolls with relief.

Wynonna wakes up in bed, cuddling with Dolls, and he informs her that she died for 77 seconds. She tells him that Doc’s ring is the third seal, and everything else she learned, then it hits her that she was dead. What happens if the Earp Heir dies, even temporarily?

Bobo Del Rey comes back, that’s what happens!

Raise your hand if that episode confused the heck out of you! Don’t worry if it did, it took OMFGTV several rewatches to even begin to piece together all the mythology that takes place in this amazing episode. Who do you think Waverly’s parent(s) are? Does Doc know his ring is the seal?

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10pm on Syfy.

Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 2, Inc./Syfy