“Wynonna Earp” Recap: She’s A What?!?

Every week we say Syfy’s Wynonna Earp continues to get better and better, and this week is absolutely no exception! This week’s episode is filled with action, humor, and some pretty crazy twists! ‘Forever Mine Nevermind’ was written by Alexandra Zarowny, and directed by Ron Murphy.

Wynonna Still Kicks Ass | The episode kicks off with a badass training scene between Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), using fighting sticks, and Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) who used nothing but her bare hands. During a break Wynonna asks Dolls (Shamier Anderson) for the night off, and asks Waverly for the house as well. Dolls decides they can all have the night off, but they’ve got to finish training first!

Creepy Dolls Are Creepy | Doc (Tim Rozon) visits an old antique shop and crosses paths with Papa Earp himself, Beau Smith! The creepy shop owner (Robert Verlaque) convinces Doc to buy a creepy old painting to put up in the baby’s room. But after Doc leaves, we see that that man wasn’t the real shop owner, or even human, he had killed the real owner. What did Doc just buy?!?

Wynonna needed the night off and the house to make Doc dinner to discuss something. Her one-pot dinner is named “Shitty Day Go Away,” but doesn’t seem to be a huge hit with Doc. Now here’s where things get complicated.

Wynonna knows Doc has the third seal, and she wants to use it. She wants to raise the Demon Clootie and take him out to end the Earp curse. But in doing so, she not only puts everyone she cares about in danger [including her unborn child], but that would also put an end to Doc’s agelessness. That is not something he is willing to just give up! Plus, he “vowed to spend the rest of my life protecting the Earps.” A vow he made the moment he met Wynonna.

Doc tries to leave, but Wynonna can’t find her keys so he can drive. They aren’t where she left them.

The two continue to argue over the ring, until Doc finally gives us a little backstory! Though it’s truly heart breaking backstory, we now know why Doc hates tight spaces. Suddenly they hear something and go off to investigate.

Wynonna finds Peacemaker in the pocket of Doc’s coat and accuses him of stealing it, but he denies everything. They keep their fight going, and suddenly we see a CREEPY DOLL WATCHING THEM.

Wynonna draws Peacemaker and points it at Doc for the ring, and we see a HUMAN SIZED CREEPY DOLL behind her! Doc takes off his ring and throws it at her, but it’s caught by that creepy doll! Doc fills it full of lead, but that doesn’t stop it. Only Peacemaker puts it down, causing the ring to fall to the ground and the creepy painting to catch on fire.

Wynonna realizes Doc is right…sort of. She still wants to break the seal, but not until after they have a plan, and even then they’ll break it together. This prompts Doc to give everyone a heart attack by getting down on one knee. Luckily he doesn’t propose, but he does ask Wynonna to swear on everything she just told him, and she does.

Bye Bye Tucker | Nicole (Katherine Barrell) interrupts a conversation between, Dolls, Jeremy (Varun Saranga), and a still pissed off Waverly. A body has been found, and they all need to check it out.

They identify the burned body using a medical bracelet around its wrist, it was Tucker Gardner (Caleb Ellsworth-Clark). They alert Beth (Meghan Heffern), who doesn’t act too surprised or upset, at least until she “faints”. Waverly comforts Beth after she wakes up, and is even forgiving Tucker’s behavior, but Nicole walks in and does not forgive it. Tucker may be dead, but he was an awful human. This leads to another WayHaught fight, and it HURTS.

Waverly heads to Shorty’s and ends up having a drink with Rosita (Tamara Duarte) and opening up about some of her problems, all she wants is a fairy godmother to take her away for a day. And Rosita can be that fairy godmother for the day! Earlier, Dolls gave her a gift card for a spa as a ‘thanks’ for helping him by making the serum [even though he wants to be less dependent on her for it, and later tries to steal it when they discover Beth is one of The Widows]. Rosita decides Waverly could use the spa day more than Doc, so she takes her along.

At the spa, Waves is having trouble relaxing, so Rosita tells her to “kepp calm and drink champagne” [great philosophy]. This gets Waverly to relax a bit, and even open up to her new friend a little. We also learn a little about Rosita as well.

Nicole continues to text apologies to Waverly, who is ignoring them. Rosita tells her she finally sees Waverly’s “backbone.” Hearing that gives Waves a burst of confidence to make a huge mistake by texting Nicole an awful message. Then, Waverly does the unthinkable and KISSES ROSITA, but is immediately regretful of it and runs off.

A lot of people are upset about this kiss, but just remember how Waverly is feeling right now. She doesn’t feel like she has control over anything in her life at this point, but one thing she can control is kissing her pretty friend who just happens to be there. It wasn’t a romantic kiss, but a kiss that she needed to jolt her out of this anger and remember how much she loves Nicole. It may not have been the best decision, but it was 100% in character for her to do that, and excellent writing on Zarowny’s end for making viewers feel things so strongly.

Back to the spa! Waverly goes to apologize to Rosita, but instead finds Tucker leaning over her dead body with his hand around her throat. Guess Tucker didn’t get turned into BBQ, instead he just looks AWFUL. He has frostbite all over his face and fingers.

Tucker faked his death and came back for Waverly, he claims he wants to protect her from The Widows. He is very gentle and sweet, but he also speaks to her in a very abusive way. Tucker describes what The Widows did to his sisters, and we see Dolls actually find the sisters. Then get attacked by Widow Mercedes (Dani Kind) while Jeremy tests out his new venom shield–spoiler, it still needs work.

Tucker explains that he and Waverly will be leaving together. Luckily Rosita saves the day by knocking Tucker out with a lamp. Then Rosita makes the biggest reveal of the episode, she’s a revenant.

Later, Tucker wanders the woods looking for Waverly, but instead comes across Widow Beth. His “sister” isn’t pleased with him and decides he makes a better snack than ally. Bye Bye Tucker, for real this time.

Back at Shorty’s, Waverly and Rosita quickly get over their awkwardness and move forward with their awesome friendship. Waves says she won’t tell anyone she’a revenant, and Rosita tells her the sad story of how she became one. Waverly finally recalls the text she sent to Nicole, and Rosita encourages her to go to Nicole to apologize.

Uh-Oh | Widow Mercedes uses a lock of her hair, her own blood, and Clootie’s head to perform a spell to locate the third seal, and it works.

Nicole hears a knock on her door and, thinking it’s Waverly, answers it only to be face to face with Widow Mercedes.

This was another crazy episode with lots of information to unpack! What do you think will happen in the next episode, will Nicole be able to fight off Widow Mercedes?

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10pm on Syfy.

Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 2, Inc./Syfy