“Wynonna Earp” Recap: Haught’s In Trouble

This week on Wynonna Earp, we finally get some Nicole (Katherine Barrell) backstory, although it may not be what you were hoping for. Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) is faced with the decision of a lifetime and Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) goes on a Widow hunt. ‘I See a Darkness’ was written by John Callaghan and directed by Ron Murphy.

Waverly Earp Kicks Ass | The show opens with Widow Mercedes (Dani Kind) attacking Nicole, she thinks she has the third seal. Remember how Waverly was going over to Nicole’s to apologize? Good thing, because she’s able to fight the Widow and try to protect her girlfriend. Unfortunately Nicole ends up getting bit anyway, and WayHaught give you feels for the first time this episode with Waverly begging Nicole not to die. “Don’t die, baby. Don’t die!”

Cut to Wynonna already at the hospital to visit her only friend, the real Mercedes, who has no face. On her way to Mercedes’ room Wynonna speaks with Nedley (Greg Lawson) about what’s going on, and he tells her to “kill ’em hard.”

Suddenly, Wynonna hears her baby sister’s voice yelling and rushes to find her at Nicole’s side as paramedics rush her to a room. Waverly sees who she thinks is the Blacksmith, but is actually her twin sister Gretta (Rachael Ancheril), who is working in the hospital. Wynonna catches up to Waverly and gets filled in. Waves also tells Wynonna she kissed Rosita (Tamara Duarte), who is also a revenant and Dolls (Shamier Anderson) seemed to know. When Waverly tells Wynonna why the Widow attacked Nicole, Wynonna said that’s not possible because they already have the seal. Waverly gets upset she wasn’t made aware of this before, but Wynonna says that the less people who knew the better. Waverly blames herself for Nicole being bit and goes outside to get some air.

When Dolls hears Nicole was bit, he looks fearful. He predicts that she only has 2-3 hours left before the venom kills her. Wynonna refuses to accept this and tells him to do whatever it takes to get an anti-venom and save her. Wynonna really does care about Nicole!

Beth-Faced Widow Makes An Offer | While outside, Widow Beth (Meghan Heffern) approaches Waverly and makes her an offer. She will cure Nicole if Waverly can get her the third seal. Waverly has a choice to make. She goes back inside and gets stopped by Dolls, the doctors want to put her in a coma to slow down the venom, but she wants to see Waverly before going under.

But Wynonna gets to Nicole first, and good thing too because her ginger friend has something to ask of her. If it comes to it, she needs Wynonna to pull the plug. She knows Waverly won’t be able to do it and Wynonna is the only one she would ever forgive for doing that. Wynonna promises, then Waverly gets there and Wynonna gives her some time with her lady.

WayHaught completely destroy your hearts with their “I’m sorry’s” and with Nicole’s “I have never loved someone the way that I love you”. Waverly doesn’t tell Nicole she loves her back, instead she nopes her way into saying that will have to wait until she gets better. Then the doctor comes in and puts Nicole under.

Wynonna and the others have a team meeting in the hospitals waiting room, trying to figure out how to help Nicole. They need more venom and a test subject to try to figure out a way to save her, and Waverly goes off on everyone. She’s afraid of losing her love, and Wynonna calms her down.

“Doc could find a dildo in a nunnery.” | Wynonna needs help, and knows Doc (Tim Rozon) is the best for this job. So she’s off to Shorty’s to convince her buddy to help. And once Doc realizes Nicole is in danger he doesn’t hesitate to jump into action, proving just how much this whole group cares about one another. When one of them is in trouble they all work together to save them.

Waverly is approached by Beth once again, who wants to know where the seal is. Waverly still isn’t sure she wants to make the deal, but their time is running out. Nedley interrupts to ask Waverly for the keys to Nicole’s place so he can pick up her cat, Calamity Jane. Which is a name the fans picked out and Emily Andras decided to throw it into the show. Now, Nedley knows Waverly and Nicole are together, but he had to call her next of kin to alert them of the situation, and it definitely wasn’t her parents.

Waverly goes to check on Nicole and sees a cute young lady by Nicole’s bedside who says she is a doctor, but also NICOLE’S WIFE, Shae (Clark Backo).

Dolls turns to Ewan (Brendan Fehr) and The Order for information. He needs to examine Juan Carlos’ body for any venom that may remain, but he’s too late. The Order has cremated the Priest, so there’s nothing left. Ewan makes an offer that leads to an interesting reveal about Dolls past. Ewan offers to protect Wynonna’s baby from all the demons that will be after it, and then reveals Dolls was taken as a child by Black Badge. Ewan thinks Wynonna’s crew can take down The Widows with the correct weapon, and gives Dolls back the plate.

Shae and Waverly are forced to spend some time together, so we get a bit of Nicole’s backstory. She met Shae rock climbing near Vegas. They saw Britney Live and won some money and decided marriage was a good idea. Nicole begins to wake up and Shae is the one that provides the doctor with important medical information, making Waverly feel useless.

Wynonna lets Rosita know she knows that she’s a revenant, and Rosita is shocked that Waverly is the one who spilled her secret. Wynonna offers Rosita a deal, be the lab rat for the anti-venom and she will be the last revenant Wynonna shoots to end the curse. Rosita is offended Wynonna thought she had to result to threats and deals, she could have just asked for her help. When Jeremy (Varun Saranga) realizes Rosita is the test subject, he’s furious. He knows this can’t kill her, but he does not want to test it on her.

At Nicole’s house, Doc and Wynonna find fresh blood on the floor, someone has been there. They hear something in the closet and when they investigate they find Calamity Jane! But don’t celebrate too much, the fact that the cat is here and that Doc then finds Nedley’s hat isn’t a good sign. Nedley has been taken, that blood they found was his.

Nedley is the real hero of this episode! He is kidnapped and tortured by Widow Mercedes and keeps his sass throughout the whole ordeal. He doesn’t break and tell her where the seal is. Heck, we don’t even know if he knows where the seal is!

Waverly goes to BBD with Dolls and stops Jeremy testing on Rosita and fills then in on Widow Beth’s offer. Dolls does something very out of character, he says she can do it and tell Wynonna he made her do it. Then he gets hooked up to the anti-venom to have it tested on him now.

“She really loves you, Waverly Earp.” | Waverly goes back to the hospital and learns from Shae that Nicole’s organs are shutting down, but then Shae does something very kind. She makes sure Waverly knows how much Nicole loves her. Shae’s marriage to her was fun, but it wasn’t real, but what Waverly and Nicole have is real. Waverly refuses to say goodbye to Nicole, then rushes out to ask Gretta for help. Gretta agrees to find Waverly a cure if she agrees to give Gretta whatever she wants, and Waverly not-so-smartly agrees. Gretta does a spell and writes down the location for Waverly to go find it.

Waves goes to Nedley’s office and what does she find in Nedley’s freakin’ coffee cup? That’s right, Nedley kept the third seal in his mug on his desk. So Gretta tricked Waverly, she didn’t lead her to the cure but to the seal to trade for the cure.

Doc and Wynonna track Widow Mercedes and Nedley down to a creepy old barn. Inside, the Widow is stil ltrying to get the third seal’s location from Nedley when Wynonna and Doc burst through the barn wall in the truck and capture Widow Mercedes. Nedley is safe now, and didn’t crack. Wynonna is proud and very thankful.

Back at BBD Wynonna goes all Hannibal and extracts the venom from Widow Mercedes’ glands.

“Haught damn, you made it!” | Wynonna is practically skipping through the hospital holding the anti-venom when she gets to Nicole’s room and sees that she’s already been cured! Wynonna is extremely excited at first, her buddy survived, but then she looks at a very guilty looking Waverly and realizes what happened. Wynonna feels so betrayed by her baby sister, she told Waverly she would find a cure and she did. Rather than answering, Waverly gathers her coat and runs out.

She ran to Shorty’s, where Gretta meets her. Waverly is upset the Iron Witch tricked her.

Wynonna goes to BBD and finds out Dolls knew Waverly was going to trade the seal for Nicole’s life.

Gretta sees the hockey trophy from episode 203 ‘Gonna Getcha Good,’ and decides that’s what she wants. She grabs it and begins reciting a spell in German, but you can understand “Wynonna Earp” and “disappear” so it doesn’t sound good! Doc interrupts and tries to grab the trophy at the same time the witch finishes the spell, and he vanishes. Gretta is pissed off the Earp sisters got her sister killed and now she’s taking her revenge. “One will disappear. The other will have to live with it.”

Wynonna is investigating the plate from Ewan and thinks she might know how to defeat The Widows when she disappears as well. The strange thing is, Dolls doesn’t act like his kinda-girlfriend just disappeared in front of his eyes, he just sits back down and continues working.

Gretta leaves and Waverly is panicking, calling out for Doc then breaks your heart as she screams out her sisters name. Jeremy runs in to check on Waverly, who is suddenly dressed in her Shorty’s outfit and Jeremy asks her who Wynonna is. She responds with having no idea then says they have a wedding to plan.

The last thing we see this episode is Doc, back in his well, panicking and calling out for Wynonna.

Thank gods Nicole survived this episode! No need to bury your gays on this incredible show! But what is going to happen now that Wynonna is gone, and Doc seems to be the only one who remembers her?

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10pm on Syfy.

Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/Syfy