“Wynonna Earp” Recap: Where in the World is Wynonna?

If you didn’t think Wynonna Earp could get any wilder, think again because the newest episode was absolutely bonkers! ‘Gone as a Girl Can Get’ was written by WayHaught whisperer Alexandra Zarowny, and directed by Paolo Barzman, and shows what Purgatory would be like without Wynonna.

Explosions Are Okay, Right? | The penultimate episode kicks off with Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) dressed like a Coachella Goddess running through the Homestead with Nicole (Katherine Barrell) by her side, battling their way through revenants until they make it to the barn, where Jeremy (Varun Sarange) is inside. Waverly says she knows how to get Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) back, then blows up the barn with all 3 of our queer babies inside.

Wynonna Who? | Let’s rewind a little bit and go back to where last week’s episode left off, with Doc (Tim Rozon) in the well. Luckily he is not actually trapped, but is looking for his ring down there. The ring Stevie (Reamonn Joshee) says Doc has been killing all their men for. It turns out the Doc in this reality is a huge dick who is in charge of the revenants and lives at Holliday Haus, where the Earp Homestead is located. This Doc has not learned love and compassion from Wynonna or Waverly, and instead has killed Nedley (Greg Lawson) and is Dolls’ (Shamier Anderson) biggest enemy. But Doc remembers who Wynonna is, thanks to him grabbing the trophy as the Iron Witch was finishing the spell. It’s now up to him to make the others remember and get her back. The Widows and Bobo (Michael Eklund) also remember Wynonna, but it’s not going to be easy to get help from them.

He goes to Waverly, who doesn’t know who Wynonna is, so he tries explaining but is interrupted by Dolls. The two men end up breaking our hearts when they KILL EACH OTHER. Thank god this isn’t the true reality, otherwise there would be a lot more screaming coming from Earpers [including this one].

Waverly finds out Bobo is in a mental hospital and goes to see him, apparently he is the one that killed her whole family in this reality. He recognizes this reality as a flimsy spell and tells Waverly to get her sister, Wynonna.

WayHaught: Destined For Each Other In Any Reality | In this reality Waverly doesn’t know she likes the ladies yet and is engaged to marry Perry (Patrick Kwok-Choon). But Nicole is still VERY into Waverly in this reality, even eating pickles for her. So it’s no surprise that Waverly and Nicole’s interactions become more intimate as the episode goes on, until Waverly actually admits to Perry she thinks she’s gay, and kisses Nicole! But not before she temporarily remembers the true reality and that she LOVES NICOLE, “because I love you.”

Bobo Busts Out | Thanks to a little help from Nicole, Waverly busts Bobo from the hospital in one of the best scenes of the season! Bobo is going to help them get Wynonna back until he realizes that if she’s back, she can kill him again. He doesn’t want that, so he goes to The Widows. Mercedes (Dani Kind) is not lookin so hot this episode, but her sister-wife Beth (Meghan Heffern) is still as stunning and sassy as ever. They convince Bobo to break the third seal for them, releasing their demon husband Clootie. Uh-oh, this can’t be good!

Some Explosions are Good | While trapped in the barn, Waverly has a crazy idea that might break this spell. They have to blow up the barn to destroy the trophy, breaking the spell. But that would also mean dying, potentially for real. WayHaught have their second first kiss before blowing themselves up “For Wynonna.” It’s a good thing this really was a spell, otherwise the whole cast would be dead by the end of the episode! Lucky for us, it was just a spell and now Jeremy, Nicole, and Waverly are standing in the barn with some crazy hair and singed clothing, but they’re all alive and remember the truth. The spell has been broken and WayHaught are together!

There She Is! | Once the spell is broken Wynonna appears, out in a grassy field with grass in her thong. She sees Bobo leaving with The Widows, and sees the broken ring. Off in the distance we hear Demon Clootie roar, and at the same time Wynonna has her first contraction. This baby is coming.

Other Thoughts:

  • Rosie (Tamara Duarte) is a sweet baby angel who allowed herself to be turned into swiss cheese to protect her people.
  • Only the gays survived this episode, all the heteros died killing each other, while Team Rainbow saved the day!
  • The music in this episode is top shelf, we have been listening to the songs on repeat for over a week.

What are your thoughts on this insane episode? Do you think Wynonna will have her baby in the finale, or will Demon Clootie somehow put a stop to it?

DO NOT MISS the Wynonna Earp finale Friday night at 10pm on Syfy!

Michelle Faye/Syfy